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antineoplastic drug (trade name Elspar) sometimes used to treat lymphoblastic leukemia

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But for people with ALL and certain rare cancers, eating a great many asparagus, with their abundant supply of L-asparagine, would seem to be a bad idea, especially if they are currently on a regimen containing Elspar.
The use of Oncaspar in place of the currently used drug, L-asparaginase, markedly reduces the number of drug injections required, from 21 injections of Elspar (L-asparaginase), which has been the standard of care, to three injections with Oncaspar over the 20-week course of treatment.
In the trial, researchers demonstrated that Oncaspar could be safely and effectively substituted for Elspar as part of a multi-drug cancer regimen.
One order, for $440,000, is the first in an exclusive agreement, signed in September and worth a minimum of $800,000, with Elspar Norge a.
NASDAQ:GUMM) Tuesday announced it has reached an exclusive agreement worth a minimum of $800,000 with Elspar Norge a.