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a region of northeastern France famous for its wines

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Elsass F, Dubroeucq D, Thiry M (2000) Diagenesis of silica minerals from clay minerals in volcanic soils of Mexico.
Romney would do better if he stood on John Kasich's shoulders and said, 'Here's an example of a state that's doing better with job creation, in spite of what the president is doing,'" Rex Elsass (http://www.
We were impressed with how bforex has been able to enrich and enhance their website," said Kim Elsass, Chief Information Officer, Sitecore.
Sanford Elsass, chairman of the National Risk Retention Association, slamming a GAO report on the Liability Risk Retention Act (LRRA) of 1986 because the NAIC was able to review it and make comments:
Reflecting on lessons learned from cooperative efforts in Wisconsin, Elsass (2003) recommends that partnering entities conduct feasibility and needs assessments early on to identify the resources and needs each district brings to the process.
The daughter of Dr Fong gained a first success for owner Nick Elsass at Lingfield last month before joining Danish trainer Lars Kelp, where she scored in the Danish Oaks last Sunday.
Volumes 15 and 16 of Quellen zur Geschichte der Taufer, Elsass III.
Majchrzak & Wang, 1996; Mulvey, Veiga & Elsass, 1996.
Ralston, David A, DJ Gustafson, Priscilla M Elsass, Fanny Cheung and RH Terpstra (1992).
The "Vorrede" is dated: "Strassburg im Elsass, den 19.
Elsass and Graves (1997) suggests that a positive diversity climate is associated with norms of racioethnic equality, and Larkey (1996) contends that the policies and practices of organizations result in varying levels of formal and informal integration and create this diversity climate.
Killie will fly out to their training base at the Elsass Club Hotel in Bollwiller on July 13 for an eight- day stint that includes a friendly with French giants Metz.
A second method of increasing an organization's appeal to a constituency is conformity (Ralston and Elsass, 1991).
Fossile Floren aus der Rheinebene im nordlichen Elsass (Pliozan-Pleistozan-Holozan).