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the twelfth month of the civil year

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This preliminary step cannot be forgone as finding a positive correlation is prerequisite to our main empirical tests and because Ellul and Pagano (2006) confirm that there exists exceptions to this widely documented positive link.
Ellul, presented at International Rubber Conference, Manchester, U.
ELLUL Barbara Mam, although our loved ones are out of sight, They are never out of mind, For they are cherished in the hearts, Of the ones they left behind.
In line with the rest of his influential study, Jacques Ellul maintains that integration can only occur in modern societies (Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes [New York: Knopf, 1965], 74-75).
Critique: The late Jacques Ellul (January 6, 1912--May 19, 1994) was a French philosopher, law professor, sociologist, lay theologian, and Christian anarchist.
2010; Haklay and Ellul 2010; Girres and Touya 2010; Zielstra and Zipf 2010), and research has explored the role VGI plays in disaster response (Standby Task Force, 2011; Norheim-Hagtun and Meier 2010; Pitzer 2011); however, there is little research on the intersection of spatial data quality, crowdsourcing/social media, and GISystems in disaster response.
But Williamson is in dialogue with several key English and American thinkers, as well as with a series of modern and contemporary French thinkers who provide him with points of triangulation and perspective on the social psychology and politics of late modernity in Western Europe and the United States--Jacques Ellul, Bertrand de Jouvenel, Pierre Manent, Claude Polin.
The Noise band leader, Josephine Ellul, said: "It was nerve-racking entering the BIC band competition after winning the BMMI Battle of the Bands last year.
As Ellul notes, "The facts, the data, the reasoning--all are forgotten, and only the impressions remain.
Jacques Ellul, Reason for Being: A Meditation on Ecclesiastes (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1990) p.
Morozov's approach shares much in common with earlier media and technology critics, including the French philosopher Jacques Ellul, the German historian Oswald Spengler, the American historian Lewis Mumford, and the America social critic Neil Postman.
Examples of this conversation include works by Ian Barbour, Jacques Ellul, Egbert Schuurman, and Albert Borgmann.
By Daniel Phillips, Manager, Field Service Engineering, Kop-Flex, Emerson Industrial Automation, Hanover, MD; Trevor Mayne, Machinery Engineer, Qenos Olefins Australia; and Mark Ellul, Qenos I & E Specialist, Qenos Olefins Australia
Lum has assembled a wonderful introduction to and discussion of the key figures on whose thought the media ecology group draws: Neil Postman, Lewis Mumford, Jacques Ellul, Harold Innis, Marshall McLuhan, James Carey, Benjamin Lee Whorf, Susanne Langer, Eric Havelock, and Walter O ng.
Looking at the peculiarities of the OL approach to indoctrination from the point of view of propaganda theory, the North Korean OL presents a good example of what Jacques Ellul (1973, 79-84) once described as a "horizontal propaganda.