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the twelfth month of the civil year

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Perspectives on our age: Jacques Ellul speaks on his life and work (W.
Porque Dios ama tambien las obras de los hombres, la ciudad, como lo ha mostrado Ellul, estara al final de los tiempos incluida en la redencion.
Los lucidos analisis de Jacques Ellul dicen que no; la luminosidad de sus conclusiones es espantosa en su pesimismo; Ivan Illich sostiene lo mismo; para Illich el mundo, a partir de los ochenta dio un giro tecnologico que hace imposible una recuperacion de la razon de la tradicion y opone a ese mundo el refugio maravilloso de la amistad y de la memoria.
Televisual discourse, on the other hand, is largely based on the image, and it is this iconic discourse that is seen as responsible for "the humiliation of the word," as Ellul (1985) puts it.
Pretenderlo es lo que Jacques Ellul llamo acertadamente en su ultimo libro el "bluff tecnologico".
The University Institute of Technology Montaigne Bordeaux (Iut) at 1 rue Jacques Ellul 33080 Bordeaux.
Tony Brinkworth was Abergavenny bound with five rainbows adding up to 10lb; Newport angler Ray Ellul had three in his 8lb catch while Goff Jones settled for a 5lb rainbow brace and fellow Pontypool angler Dave Price along with Aberdare's Dai Phillips posted seven fish catch and return scores.
Weiguo Hu and Maria Ellul, Advanced Elastomer Systems L.
Electric Transportation Impacts on Vehicle Design by Elaine Marie Ellul and Brian Azzopardi;
Sin embargo, como lo han mostrado desde diferentes enfoques Zygmunt Bauman, Gunther Anders, Ivan Illich y Jacques Ellul, esas violencias, cuyo paradigma es Auschwitz, son en realidad un producto natural de la civilizacion moderna o de lo que llamamos sistema.
As for the rest of us, we are likely to continue to be wrapped in what the French sociologist Jacques Ellul calls 'shadows'-those phantom images conjured by trolls anonymous and master-controlled from a power center whose nature is such that it reduces once decent human beings to fact-bending machines, translating on auto mode what the Great One must have said.
Her partner Joe Ellul said: "Pat was a very special lady and would always do anything for anyone.
He turns to the work of Jacques Ellul, comparing technology to la technique.
French sociologist, Jacques Ellul (1964) described the "technological society" in which technique, his version of techne, had annexed everything from the state and economics to education.
Recent reads include Jacques Ellul on Freedom, Love and Power, edited by Willem H Vanderburg - I have been deeply influenced by Ellul, his expansive grasp of sociology and theology.