Ellis Island

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an island in New York Bay that was formerly the principal immigration station for the United States

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The experience for one winner and a guest will include the opportunity to explore the history of Ellis Island, uncover the stories of the immigrant experience and stay overnight in the Arabella ship docked between Ellis Island and Liberty Island.
Briganti, Foundation president and CEO, commented, "As we work with the National Park Service to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, we continue construction of the second phase of The Peopling of America Center, a major expansion of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum which will explore immigration in the post-Ellis Island Era, right up to the present.
The students' personas allow them to relate more easily to Ellis Island immigrants of the past, Beinin said.
Most of the passengers who passed through Ellis Island were "steerage" or third class passengers aboard ships, according to NPS.
Established in 1986 by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO), the Ellis Island Medals of Honor are awarded annually to Americans who exhibit such criteria as preserving the history, traditions, and values of their ancestry group, building bridges between groups, and nurturing the life of a particular ethnic or heritage group.
It is a convenient myth that emphasizes the traumatic nature of Ellis Island and the supposed rough treatment of immigrants, as well as the facility's role in Americanizing immigrants, often against their will.
The Boss - who has sold more than 120 million albums - was joined by his mum Adele, 85, at the ceremony on Ellis Island.
But what no one knew was that thanks to a bizarre bungle another Annie Moore got her own statue on Ellis Island.
While ELLIS ISLAND is a pick for any collection strong in immigration history, it's reviewed here for its hard-hitting impact in the world of cultural photography, as well: not only college-level collections strong in immigration images but general-interest libraries and art libraries specializing in contemporary photography must have it.
From an early New York region before Ellis Island immigrants to Manhattan's geological riches, CITY AT THE WATER'S EDGE makes for lively, involving reading.
Pepco Energy Services currently supplies 100% renewable resources to the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum on Ellis Island, as well as the U.
WASHINGTON -- From tales of Italian and Irish grandparents landing at Ellis Island to a reminiscence about a father who fled czarist Russia to find refuge in America, members of Congress are shaking the history from their family trees.
A visit to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island will inspire even the most world-weary traveler.
The Ellis Island Snow Globe By Erica Rand Duke University, $22.
Barry Moreno's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ELLIS ISLAND (0313326827, $75.