Ellice Islands

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a group of coral islands in Micronesia to the southwest of Hawaii

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Mr Cross explained: "One of his customers made a close examination of an envelope that should have been sent from the Gilbert and Ellice Islands.
The Rabaul Station also communicated with the Gilbert and Ellice Islands, the Solomon Islands, and the Santa Cruz Islands.
On their island of origin, the Banabans had to make significant adjustments to their ethnic identity with the onset of phosphate mining and Banaba's incorporation into the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony.
Yet the editor of the Morelian diary emphatically denies that the island could be part of the Ellice Islands because the terrain of which Morel speaks is not Ellicean (Elysian?
2004: 25 *), he served in the Colonial Administrative Service from 1933 until 1951, including three years as a prisoner of the Japanese (1942-1945), and ending as Resident Commissioner, Gilbert and Ellice Islands (1949-1951).
JOHN OVERTON'S writings on the Ellice Islands (Any Questions, August 9) caused a stir.
The majority, of those killed were Coastwatchers who had been held captive by Japanese forces since they occupied the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony earlier that year.
IT'S surprising that Coventry hasn't made more of its link with the Ellice Islands, a small group of coral atolls in the Pacific Ocean to the north of Fiji (Any Questions, July 5).