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English writer of novels about murders and thefts and forgeries (1814-1887)

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Mary Ellen Wood is an experienced residential Realtor[R] with Homestead Real Estate, LLC, of Boulder, Colorado.
CYBERGRAN Ellen Wood chats with pals she made 60 years ago in the war over the internet and even has her own website.
Ellen Wood, noted that the patient had a family history of PIH and was complaining of a headache but ordered no lab work.
It would be fascinating to see Ellen Wood, a political scientist of enormous acuity, turn her attention to this question with the same power she brings to bear on the other matters in these two important books.
The three members of the Maine State Web Accessibility Subcommittee who will be presenting the conference are Ellen Wood from the Maine State Library and Chair of the Committee, Kathy Record from the Office of the Chief Information Officer, and Kelly Hokkanen from the Information Resource of Maine (InforME).
com)-- Louisville-based Realtor Mary Ellen Wood of Homestead Real Estate, LLC is putting her money where her livelihood is - bettering local schools' resources to improve real estate value.
Daughter of Pedro de Almeida and Sarah Ellen Wood, Mrs.
The K2AT members included Bethany Foster, Ellen Wood, Megan Peterson, Ruby Friel, Rachel Farrey, Emily Miller, and Kathryn Rutherford.
Texas Capital Bank caters to Austin's business community and is honored to have an Advisory Board comprised of some of the city's most successful business owners and executives including Robert Kay and Gary Valdez (Co-Chairmen), Ford Alexander, Carolyn Gallagher, Clarke Heidrick, Bobby Jenkins, Jim McBride, Jeff Pace, Walt Penn, Rob Repass, Scott Sayers, Kerry Tate, and Ellen Wood.
of Worcester, Ellen Woods and Sue Ryan, both of Northborough, a brother, Bart F.
LCDR Mary Ellen Woods, Reservist to NAVELSG FWD - Port Group Echo, Camp Patriot, Kuwait, Company Commander
Ellen Woods and Leanne Hazeldine, both 14, study together at St George of England HS - where Ellen's potential as a basketball star was spotted upon her arrival from Thomas Grey Primary School three years ago.
Basketball: James Byrne, Matthew Hughes, Joshua Rich, Helen Desmond, John Doran, Chris Spearitt, Matthew Spofforth, Gavin Skeoch, Michelle Harris, Stacey Wright, Linzi Walsh, Ellen Woods, Leanne Haseloine, Sarah Dunne, Angela Osborne, Jodie Walsh, Rachel Dickinson, Beth Marshall, Vicki Rainer, Jenny Sing, Paul Arnold, Stuart Clucas, James Nicholls, Matt Smith, Andy Taylor, John Wignall, Alex Thompson, Alex McGreal, Jack Foster, Josh Davison, Andrew Malcolm, Chris Parker, Emily Porter, Kelly Jackson, Jamie Rae, Christopher Waring, Sean McLoughlin, Megan Coulter, Jenny Girdler, Elizabeth Callahan, Sam Smith, David Miles, Abigail Hart.
After more than 20 years practice, eight tests and hundreds of lessons, grandmother Ellen Woods has finally ripped up her L-plates.
Lois Ellen Woods of Millbury is one of 10 finalists in the Cooked Perfect Meatball Madness contest on NECN's "TV Diner.