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English actress (1847-1928)

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As well as Ellen Terry, whose name adorns the Coventry University's School of Art and Design building - formerly used as a cinema and built in 1880 - in Jordan Well, the suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst and novelist Virginia Woolf are among the women who have been honoured with a blue plaque in the capital since the scheme began 150 years ago.
one seems to have no time for doing anything one wants to do," writes Ellen Terry on 19 July 1915 (Letter 1796--references are to the numbering in the edition).
Using private photographs she will outline how three feminists defied Victorian prejudices to care for Ellen Terry in her final years until she died on July 21, 1928, aged 81.
Henry Irving had started his theatrical partnership with Ellen Terry in 1878 and they were to tread the boards together until 1902.
Dr Katharine Cockin's project to create a searchable online database of the collection bears fruit in the publication of The Collected Letters of Ellen Terry, a series of eight volumes, of which this is the first instalment.
The title of Michael Holroyd's group biography of the intertwined families of the nineteenth-century actors Ellen Terry and Henry Irving is drawn from Shakespeare's As You Like It.
He was born Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens in Finchley, London in 1911 and took his first two names for stage use until too many people thought he was related to actress Ellen Terry.
The superstars are Ellen Terry and Henry Irving, the greatest stage actors of the Victorian era.
The Ellen Terry Building, as it is now known, is the home of Coventry University's media and communication department.
After that, she spent time touring with Walter de laMare, reading his poems, before she won the prestigious Ellen Terry Cup, presented to her by John Gielgud.
But it is Dodgson's long-running relationship with Ellen Terry that is of special significance here--this 'magically beautiful and vigorous child' (p.
Read by Henry Irving, Ellen Terry, John Barrymore, John Gielgud, Laurence Olivier and more.
Probably of most interest to Woolf scholars are the essays entitled "Unimagined parts, unlived selves: Virginia Woolf on Ellen Terry and the art of acting" and "Writing/performing: Virginia Woolf between the acts.
The principal focus in the chapters on the eighteenth through twentieth centuries is on the acting styles and notable performances of such major actors and actresses as David Garrick, Sarah Siddons, Edmund Kean, the Booths, Henry Irving and his leading lady Ellen Terry, and Laurence Olivier.
The new building is to be named after Ellen Terry, the Coventry-born actress widely regarded as the greatest English actress of the 19th century.