Elizabeth River

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a short river in southeastern Virginia flowing between Norfolk and Portsmouth into Hampton Roads

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Deals like the Elizabeth River Tunnel, which could cost the state dearly if the tunnel's controlling entities stand to lose out on expected user payments, are fairly common among public-private partnerships, said Blair, the Economic Policy Institute analyst.
JR regions include (1) HB (in between the HRBT and the MMBT at NNP), (2) the "lower" Jrship parallel to Newport News Shipyard and coal terminals (between the SR 258 bridge and MMBT), and (3) the "upper" JR (between the SR 258 bridge and DWS near Mulberry Pt Lafayette River Tributary draining into 1998 412 HB; south of Norfolk Naval base Elizabeth River Tributary draining into 2001 376 HB Buckroe Beach Buckroe Beach is on the 1998 309 western Bay shoreline inshore of the Thimble Shoals channel, immediately north of the JR Grandview Grandview is on the 2001 19 western Bay shoreline inshore of the Thimble Shoals channel north of Buckroe Beach but south of the Back River mouth.
Juliens Creek sits just south of Norfolk Naval Shipyard where the Elizabeth River and St.
The project's design-build contractor, SKW Constructors (a joint venture of Skanska, Kiewit, and Weeks Marine), used the large, specially-designed pontoon-style boat (known as a lay barge) to move Tunnel Element 11 into position in the Elizabeth River and lower it to the prepared river bed.
In October, the Elizabeth River Tunnels Project Team placed by immersion the first precast section of the West Midtown Tunnel, which will eventually serve as the westbound exit to Portsmouth.
The church sits directly in front of what is called the Hague, a body of water that is connected to the Elizabeth River.
Halbrook and others (1993) measured heavy metals and polyaromatic hydrocarbons in Muskrats in 2 reaches of the Elizabeth River in Virginia.
Spanning the Elizabeth River and linking Chesapeake to Portsmouth, Va.
The couple had lived in a myriad of settings, from a suburban ranch to a loft in a former shoe warehouse on the Elizabeth River in Norfolk to a beach cottage on the Chesapeake Bay.
Dodd said firebreaks on her property acted as a thoroughfare for crocodiles that escape from the Darwin Crocodile Farm and head for the nearby Elizabeth River.
Brown's next assignment was across the Elizabeth River as officer-in-charge of the commissary store at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth.
The Atlantic Wood Industries Superfund site on the Elizabeth River (ER) in Portsmouth, Virginia, is contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) derived from creosote.
I convinced my wife and daughter to take a nice ride along the waterfront during Norfolk's Harborfest, a huge annual festival on the Elizabeth River.
VDOT and consortium Elizabeth River Crossings, in which Skanska holds 50%, have agreed to share the cost of development up to the execution of a comprehensive agreement for the project.
The work consisted of installing 7,357 linear feet (If) of 24-inch steel pipeline under the Elizabeth River.
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