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daughter of George VI who became the Queen of England and Northern Ireland in 1952 on the death of her father (1926-)

Queen of England from 1558 to 1603


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While he was unwinding himself the door opened and Elizabeth came into the room.
Well, as a matter of fact,' said Elizabeth, carelessly, 'the water's off again.
As Elizabeth watched, he dropped the pail and lashed the air violently for a while.
The mere fact that her brother, whose usual mode of progression was a languid saunter, should be actually running, was enough to tell Elizabeth that the letter which Nutty had read was from the London lawyers.
cried Elizabeth, every maternal instinct in her aroused.
Back at the farm Elizabeth cooked breakfast and awaited her brother's return with a sinking heart.
One glance at his face was enough to tell Elizabeth that she had formed a too conservative estimate of his probable gloom.
Certainly,” said Elizabeth, returning his bow by a slight inclination of her head, and urging the tardy Louisa forward.
The involuntary smile that passed over the features of Elizabeth was blended with an expression of deep and heartfelt pity.
said Elizabeth, when the key of the door was turned on them again, “my good friend, Leather-Stocking
said Natty, advancing across the floor with an air of kindness, and taking the hand of Elizabeth, “would ye be so kearful of an old man, and just for shooting a beast which cost him nothing?
Tell him nothing,” cried Elizabeth, earnestly; “if you love me, if you regard my feelings, tell him nothing.
exclaimed Elizabeth, veiling her eyes, as if to hide some hideous object from her view.
Miss Bingley saw, or suspected enough to be jealous; and her great anxiety for the recovery of her dear friend Jane received some assistance from her desire of getting rid of Elizabeth.
But Elizabeth, who had not the least inclination to remain with them, laughingly answered: