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Synonyms for elitist

Synonyms for elitist

characteristic of or resembling a snob

one who despises people or things regarded as inferior, especially because of social or intellectual pretension


Antonyms for elitist

someone who believes in rule by an elite group

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The "Round Table Groups" stemmed from a secret society (Quigley's phrase) created by British magnate Cecil Rhodes to unite the world -- beginning with the English-speaking dominions -- under "enlightened" elitists like himself.
The central thesis for "Pulling the Plug on Fujimori," as stated in the article, was to illustrate "the brutal methods that the global elitists will employ and the incredible lengths to which they will go to establish their new world order.
Why is it that these so-called elitists from the media or liberal elitists or even elitists in the AFL-CIO would send their children to a private school, but would deny an inner-city child that opportunity?
In the late '80s it was sold to a group of elitists who have made it an enclave for the wealthy.
I don't know you or if you are an elitist, but there are a lot of elitists out there who don't want to help poor people.
Somewhere along the line, too many of the revolutionaries of 1994 became the elitists of 1998,'' he said.
Valley VOTE's eagerness to avoid being painted as elitists makes perfect political sense, said Howard Husock, a researcher at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government who has written about the Valley secession movement.
David Cameron and his old Etonian chum Boris Johnson are classic elitists, make no mistake.
We urge them to find out for themselves and most assuredly, to not put their faith in self-serving leaders or elitists.
Elitists are at least allowed to reach the general election; populists must be stopped or politically crippled long before that.
Therein lies the problem with Woodson's proposal: a national "warrior" curriculum would inevitably be designed and implemented by exactly the same caste of elitists who created our present mess.
Let's have the most people express themselves, not the few elitists,'' said Glendale resident Harry Zavos.
I grew up in places like Iowa, Georgia, and Arkansas, and in my experience, Americans are much more ideologically diverse than East Coast conservative elitists like Ann Coulter give them credit for.
It is a pity that there aren't a few more home-grown academic elitists like Rhodri Morgan around.