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the attitude that society should be governed by an elite group of individuals

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Never mind that you are an elitist snob who thinks you are, on your worst day, at least four and a half times smarter than just about anyone else on the face of the planet.
Her main response is to characterise those who criticise consumerism as elitist snobs who welcome recession, and are callously indifferent to the travails of ordinary people.
The elitist snobs on the London scene can't bear the thought that a writer from the Midlands wrote our greatest literature.
Moreover, it said half of Americans think green and environmentally friendly products are marketed to" Crunchy Granola Hippies" or "Rich Elitist Snobs, "rather than everyday Americans.
It is so utterly wrong that those who love the sport, who seek only to spend the best days of their lives on racecourses, who would welcome anyone who wants to go racing so long as they don't try to ruin it, should be branded elitist snobs fit for the revolutionary tumbrils.