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daughter of George VI who became the Queen of England and Northern Ireland in 1952 on the death of her father (1926-)

Queen of England from 1558 to 1603


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The potentially dangerous affair provided a forum for Elisabeth to exchange her divine authority for advantageous political support she may not have enjoyed otherwise.
Another friend and contemporary from which we bought work was Peter Lloyd-Jones, three of whose works appear in the sale, and Derek Boshier, whose beautiful rainbow semi circles were a gift to us from poet Christopher Logue," Elisabeth said.
The book is mostly a biography of Amalia Elisabeth from the time of her husband Wilhelm V's death in 1637 until the Westphalian peace in 1648 and its German-based aftermath.
As a marketer who deeply understands the market research industry, Elisabeth has worked with some of the best-known consumer packaged goods brands," said Alan Gould, CEO, uSamp.
And now Elisabeth, who has already raised PS650 since starting the project last week, hopes to make up food parcels for people most in need.
5 Like many other celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, Will Smith and John Travolta, Elisabeth is a Scientologist.
Elisabeth would often visit the Sue Ryder shop at Seahouses, while her mother had her hair done next door, to buy books to help her enjoy her coastal breaks in Northumberland.
Washington, Aug 10 (ANI): American TV personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck has given birth to a boy, her third child from husband Tim Hasselbeck.
Hidden away in a secret Austrian location known as Village X, the picturesque surroundings are a world away from the dungeon in Amstetten where Elisabeth was kept for 24 years and where she bore seven children after being repeatedly raped by Fritzl.
These manly and martial sentiments would certainly not have been voiced by Guevara's contemporary, Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia (1618-80).
Vanaf haar jeugd in het West-Transvaalse dorp Schweizer-Reneke tot aan haar laatste jaren toen zij haar huis aan de Stadionkade in Amsterdam nauwelijks meer verliet, is Elisabeth Eybers een kwetsbaar mens geweest.
Elisabeth said: 'With her own five children, Margaret conceived within a month of trying, so I think we had false expectations it would happen quickly.
Elisabeth did all she could to ensure her dad had everything he needed.
BOARD MEMBERS (I-r, standing): Elisabeth MacNamara, Judy Duffy, Donna Lauffer, Xandra Kayden, Carolie Mullan, Odetta MacLeish-White, Carol Reimers and Judith Davis