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a closed plane curve resulting from the intersection of a circular cone and a plane cutting completely through it


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For a while, the instruments were more important than the words which became increasingly bitter and eliptical.
Many of his designs use organic shapes such as the eliptical lunar paving he came up with when asked to create a contemporary patio kit for landscapers Marshalls.
Astronomers said the Earth and Mars are extraordinarily close because of subtle changes to Mars' orbit over the years, which is becoming more eliptical.
The system has an eliptical coil designed to improve duct heating and overall electrical efficiency, with the ducts inside the furnace's magnetic field for continuous heating.
Tarantino's eliptical narrative style, wherein he doesn't bother to show viewers the actual event, but lets them piece together what went down from deciphering the protagonists' comments subsequent to it, and his refusal to follow a straight time line, hopping back and forth, even returning to the same scene from a different perspective later in the film, remain as engrossing as ever.
Stair-steppers or eliptical machines are very useful for getting in shape for a high-country hunt.
Shortly after Hagoromo's deployment, ground controllers changed Hiten's orbit from an ellipse varying between 442,000 and 727,000 km from Earth to a smaller, more eliptical one varying between 11,000 and 116,000 km.
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Tenders are invited for Porcelain Commode With Eliptical Bottom Assembly Complete, To Icf Drg No.
The styling is very European, but has a dynamic look with curves and power bulges all set off by honeycomb grille and trim and smart, eliptical headlamps.
There may be better-looking vehicles around, but the Subaru definitely has a presence with its large eliptical headlights, power scoops and huge front and rear doors as well as its high ground clearance.
It is a good-looking car with the trademark star, distinctive grille and eliptical headlamps giving it typical Mercedes look.
The distinctive wedge shape is complemented by a wider grille, cat-like eliptical headlamps and the distinctive three-pronged star on the boot.