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Synonyms for ellipsis

omission or suppression of parts of words or sentences


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As a graduate of Marmara University's graphic design department, Kaygun was also interested in photography, Sinem YE[micro]rE-k, founder and director of Elipsis Gallery, explained in an interview with Today's Zaman.
Concordancia ad sensum y elipsis nominal en espanol.
5 Elipsis table light, pounds 236, Purves & Purves.
Perhaps, then, the Squire's concluding half-sentence and the Franklin's words constitute an authorial elipsis in place of the rest of the Squire's performance.
In preparation for his installation Elipsis (Ellipsis, 1994) - a collection of several works, revealing the complexity of his use of the idea of transformation - he kept hundreds of larvae at home in boxes, hidden from the light, until they turned into chrysalides.