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Stephanomys dubari, Eliomys intermedius, Apocricetus barrierei, Ruscinomys sp.
In La Bullana 2B, glirids are represented by Eliomys intermedius.
The presence of Eliomys intermedius in La Bullana 2B constitutes one of the oldest records of this taxon, probably equivalent to la Gloria 4 and PUR-13.
in press): A new Eliomys from the Late Miocene of Spain, and its implications for the phylogeny of the genus.
In terms of small mammals, Apademus sylvaticus and Eliomys quercinus together make up approximately 96% of the rodents from this period, indicating a Mediterranean climate (Zilhao, 2006).
2006: Winter reproduction of Eliomys quercinus (Rodentia) in the orange groves of Sagunto (Valencia, Spain).
1988: Reproduction of garden dormouse Eliomys quercinus lusitanicus, in southwest Spain.
atavus, Castillomys, Stephanomys, Blancomys, Eliomys and Pliopetaurista; Castillomys, Apocricetus, Blancomys, Trilophomys and Stephanomys are thought to be indifferent with respect to the humidity.
This reduction is also found in the other basins of the Iberian Peninsula during the Turolian, where the surviving genera were Muscardinus and Eliomys (Sese, 2006).
The mixture of inhabitants of open and herbaceous habitats, like Apocricetus, Blancomys, Ruscinomys and Trilophomys, and others of forested environments like Apodemus atavus and Eliomys, is consistent with a mosaic forest scenario.
rattus) (3,4) and European dormice (Glis glis and Eliomys quercinus) (5,6) are similarly competent and locally important hosts to these pathogens.
2013: Phylogeography of the garden dormouse Eliomys quercinus in the western Palaearctic region.
1997: Hibernation of recently captured Muscardinus, Eliomys and Myoxus: a comparative study.