Elijah Muhammad

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leader of Black Muslims who campaigned for independence for Black Americans (1897-1975)


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According to Stein (2003), some examples are Transcendental Meditation or TM and the Nation of Islam of Elijah Mohammed.
The Nation of Islam is a militant Islamic organisation founded in the USA by Elijah Mohammed.
Some may lament the absence of people they feel have been influential in the development of American religious life from the personal biographical entries (which provide a diverse spectrum from Elijah Mohammed to Billy Graham).
Kings mentor was the renowned Benjamin Elijah Mays, then minister/ president of Morehouse College; Malcolm's mentor was Elijah Mohammed, founder/leader of the Nation of Islam.
What is it about Elijah Mohammed that caught your attention?
Sincere, who's been reading Elijah Mohammed, tries to convince his wife, Tionne (Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins), that they should pack up everything and move to Africa.
Registrar of the Council, Mr Elijah Mohammed, who disclosed this, said that the group, which would consist of regulatory bodies and relevant stakeholders, would assist in the implementation of a communication strategy in the pharmacies and the patent and proprietary medicine vendors' shops in various communities.