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leader of Black Muslims who campaigned for independence for Black Americans (1897-1975)


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Throughout the 1950s, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam, began to expose his large audience to a few orthodox principles of Islam in his weekly column in the Pittsburgh Courier.
Authors Roberts and Smith, drawing on the work of Huston Horn of Sports Illustrated, write that Elijah Muhammad recognised that no-one could relate to "those bottom-of-the-pile Negroes" better than Malcolm as he also knew of life "in worn-out shotgun houses and rancid tenements'.
Pitre departs from the biographical studies on Elijah Muhammad juxtaposing his teachings within the critical educational theory discourse.
Marshall was a frequent target of scorn from Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X and their followers, who regarded him as serving the white man's interests.
Appearing at rallies with its leader Elijah Muhammad and declaring his allegiance at a time when mainstream America viewed the organisation with hostility drew widespread suspicion.
Some see polygyny as being particularly open for discussion and debate among the followers of Elijah Muhammad and W.
Fard, the Nation's founder, and Elijah Muhammad, its longtime leader.
The paper included the religious teachings of NOI leader, Elijah Muhammad, and stood out in its professional layout, quality of writing, and coverage of news events pertinent to Black communities.
The following is an abbreviated version of the narrative developed by the founder of NOI, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Muhammad 1965).
Disillusioned with NOI's founder, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm left the organization in March 1964, and within the year, after a trip to Mecca and a conversion to the "true Islam," he publicly renounced racialist thinking and embraced a multi-racial search for human betterment.
What finally and fully broke the relationship was Malcolm's embracing of Sunni Islam, since Elijah Muhammad feared that his groomed successor--seventh son Wallace--was moving in the same direction, a path that would discredit the Nation of Islam as a "Muslim" group, and make Elijah's claim to being the "Messenger of Allah" false, in the eyes of the thereby expanding international and orthodox Islam.
In his Islam and the Search for African-American Nationhood, Dennis Walker (quoting Yussuf Naim Kly) mentioned that Noble Drew Ali and Elijah Muhammad were natives of Georgia and the South Carolina coastal region where old people voiced a smattering of garbled Arabic and Islamic prayer formulas for two decades after Drew left it for Newark, NJ (then Chicago).
This is what makes the Honorable Elijah Muhammad so great.
It goes inside meetings held by Elijah Muhammad and his instructions to his officials and followers.