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English philanthropist who made contributions to a college in Connecticut that was renamed in his honor (1649-1721)


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What is not so well known is that Elihu Yale also had strong associations with another famous Wrexham landmark, Erddig, which is now owned and cared for by the National Trust.
Streynsham Master and Elihu Yale, both off-spring of well-placed families, entered the service of the East India Company as very young men, Master in 1659 and Yale in 1671.
St Giles is also the resting place of Elihu Yale, the Welsh merchant and philanthropist and governor of the East India Company, who the famous Ivy League USA university was named after.
Days later more pictures emerged of Joe and the pony in the Maelor Hospital's A&E department and the town's Elihu Yale Wetherspoon pub.
It is the most dominant feature of the Harkness Memorial Quadrangle, built in 1917-21 (which also sports a smaller tower modelled on that of the parish church of Wrexham in England, where Elihu Yale is buried).
The main benefactor of Yale University was Elihu Yale.
Yale University, founded in 1701, was named after benefactor and former Wrexham resident Elihu Yale.
Born in America, in Europe bred In Africa travell'd and in Asia wed Where long he liv'd and thriv'd, in London dead Much good, some ill, he did RWYF wrth fy modd hefo carreg fedd Elihu Yale ym mynwent Sant Silyn, Wrecsam.
Named after Elihu Yale, the founder of Yale University whose family hail from the local area, Yale Walk is the latest flagship venture for Redrow in the town.
uk Ray Jones of Dragon Models starts to repair one of the four dogs at the ornamented entrance to the demolished Acton Hall, Wrexham, in December 1988 Rector Barry Smith at the Wrexham grave of Elihu Yale, after whom the world-famous US Yale University was named, pictured in November 1987 Next week.
He has focused on Elihu Yale, whose remarkable career coincided with the evolution of diamond faceting from the rose to the brilliant cut, which resulted in the jewellery world entering 'the age of the diamond'.
Further pictures emerged of them at A and E at Ysbyty Maelor, Wrexham and at the town's Elihu Yale Wetherspoon pub.
Staff at Wrexham's Elihu Yale bar said Joe is barred from there for turning up on numerous occasions with horses.
Regulars at Wetherspoons' Elihu Yale pub on Wrexham's Regent Street spotted the animal outside the pub with its owner.
Its membership is restricted almost entirely to alumni and faculty members of Ivy League universities such as Yale, which was named after one of its early benefactors, the Welsh merchant Elihu Yale.