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United States inventor who built early sewing machines and won suits for patent infringement against other manufacturers (including Isaac M


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Elias Howe, inventor of the sewing machine, dreamed about tribe who danced around him carrying spears with holes near their tips.
His volumes of dance music, The Music of Ireland (1903), The Dance Music of Ireland, 1001 Gems (1907), and O'Neill's Irish Music for the Piano, or Violin (1915) were not the first collections of traditional Irish music to be published in the United States (Ryan's Mammoth Collection, a Boston-area collection of music that contains a huge number of Irish tunes, was published by Elias Howe in 1883); but they were the most influential in Irish and Irish-American communities.
Hunt did not pursue his invention and in 1846 another American, Elias Howe, patented a sewing machine with a grooved, eye- pointed needle and shuttle, which also produced a lock stitch.
For instance, the next time you zip your winter coat, you'll know that Elias Howe first secured a patent (something that provides protection so an idea can be shared, but the inventor holds onto the invention) for his "automatic, continuous clothing closure" in 1851.
Thomas Edison, Samuel Morse and Elias Howe, among others were frequent visitors to the offices of Scientific American.
Elias Howe, arguably the inventor of the original sewing machine, sued Singer for breaching his patent.
Artist Christian Schussele's 1862 line up includes James Bogardus (cast iron frames), Samuel Morse (electr ic telegraph), Elias Howe (sewing machine), Charles Goodyear (vulcanization of rubber) and Joseph Saxton (hydrometer and a perpetually-pointed pencil).
There were a number of near misses, but the first that really caught on-the prototype of those that quickly came to be used-was invented by the American Elias Howe (1819-1867).