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English writer born in Germany (1905-1994)


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Elias Canetti, en faisait partie de ces voix qui ont mis l'accent sur les modes de fonctionnement psycho-sociaux et la realite de son epoque via le truchement de l'ecriture, du langage, en produisant des pieces de theatre, des essais, des recueils d'aphorisme et d'analyse.
Pero a Elias Canetti no le intereso el padre punitivo--a quien Alfons Ritter, un miembro de las SS nazis, le dedicara su tesis sobre "La renovacion de la esencia alemana"- ni Dios, sino el narrador o, mas exactamente, su ubicacion dentro del relato.
Perhaps she would, rather, categorize herself with Elias Canetti, a writer whom she greatly esteemed and about whom she wrote both in her journals and in a noteworthy essay in The New York Review of Books ("Mind as Passion," Sept.
The artist Oskar Kokoschka and his wife, who also emigrated to England, were frequent visitors, as were the sculptor Anna Mahler, art historian Ernst Gombrich, journalist Benno Reifenberg, and writer Elias Canetti.
They are from William Blake, Elias Canetti and Jose Angel Valente.
For foregrounded here was not so much the irreducible antagonism in the social that relational aesthetics is said to gloss over, but rather the psychic instability of the crowd as seen from Gustave Le Bon, through Freud and Elias Canetti, to recent students of hooliganism--an instability that rendered the installation insecure as both structure and event.
Possessed of a phenomenal memory, he could quote, verbatim, conversations he had had with Kenneth Clark and Elias Canetti, for example, some 60 years previously.
Earlier this week, 106 years ago, Elias Canetti was born in Bulgaria.
Dividido arquitectonicamente en seis disparos y una eulogia, el libro progresa in crescendo hasta apagarse como se apaga el fuego con la "arena", maxima que el poeta equipara con las greguerias de Ramon Gomez de la Serna, con las anotaciones de Elias Canetti y con los "hilos sueltos" que nombra como "arena, por colarse entre los dedos".
Pero es que al lado de la bibliografia critica brillan con mas luz las continuas referencias a poetas, escritores y ensayistas, como Kundera, Gil de Biedma, Garcia Marquez, Octavio Paz y, sobre todo, Elias Canetti, pues no en vano cada capitulo del libro se abre con una cita suya, que ilumina el espiritu y la intencion que lo guia.
The essays translated and collected in this extremely well-produced volume are pivotal to the understanding of Cacciari's notion of "negativity" and the way in which his critique of political reason articulates itself from the encounter with some pivotal German intellectuals: two of the texts in the book are devoted to a critique of Weber, one to Nietzsche's [lack of] politics, another to German romantics and neo-romantic thought (Hoffmanstahl, Lukacs and Benjamin), and the others to Elias Canetti, to law and justice in Carl Schmitt, Walter Benjamin and Simone Weil, to the geo-ontology of Europe and finally to the figure of the politician as tragic hero.
Another Bulgarian Jew from the Danube was the writer Elias Canetti, the only Nobel laureate with a connection to Bulgaria.
Elias Canetti observed, "People's fates are simplified by their names.
Todo lo que hemos olvidado grita en nuestros suenos pidiendo ayuda", reza el epigrafe de Elias Canetti, y a continuacion se suceden los articulos, cada uno con su respectivo titulo, en siete agrupaciones tematicas.
Scott Fitzgerald, Vladimir Nabokov, Truman Capote, Anita Brookner--not to mention widely translated heavy-hitters like Voltaire, the poet Rilke, Colette, Thomas Mann, Elias Canetti and Jose Luis Borges--do not begin to exhaust the list.