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English writer born in Germany (1905-1994)


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In order to illustrate this approach, I will discuss the role of narratorial agency and polemical portrayal in texts by Heinrich von Kleist and Elias Canetti.
In the August 1987 Word Ways (20: 175-83), I quoted Nobellist in Literature Elias Canetti, from <The Human Province> (New York; Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1978) by listing 31 of his short thoughts about words.
It was in March 1977 that I happened to bump into Elias Canetti in front of a little sandwich shop in Hampstead.
Agnon, Samuel Beckett, Joseph Brodsky, Elias Canetti, Gao Xingjian, Wole Soyinka, and Elie Wiesel.
Others noticed this and commented upon it; Elias Canetti for one attributed it to Musil's regimen of exercise which he maintained with military discipline to the day of his death.
In Switching Languages: Translingual Writers Reflect on Their Craft, the first anthology of its kind, Steven Kellmann includes essays, poems, introductions to books, memoirs, interviews, lectures--even an Esperanto manifesto by modern and contemporary writers from around the globe, such as Chinua Achebe, Salman Rushdie, Mary Antin, Elias Canetti, Julia Alvarez, Chang-Rae Lee, and Leopold Sedar Senghor, among many others.
And one should not forget those translingual authors who have received the Nobel Prize, such as Wole Soyinka, Elias Canetti, and S.
At the age of thirty-eight she married Elias Canetti and emigrated with him to London after the Nazi takeover of Austria.
She labels Elias Canetti, the Bulgarian-born novelist and Nobel Prizewinner, a 'scrounger' whom she hated.
THE NEW HALL/TWAYNE COLLECTION of twenty-one essays, five written especially for this volume, provides a valuable contribution to Elias Canetti scholarship in English.
Elias Canetti, Nobel Prize winner, is best known for his novel Auto-da-fe and for studying the psychology of crowds, which can be radically different from the make-up of each individual within that crowd.
Excerpted from Notes from Hampstead: The Writer's Notes: 1954-1971 by Elias Canetti.
I had interesting confrontations with some hugely talented individuals, among them John Betjeman, Robert Graves, Elias Canetti, Spike Milligan, Ted Hughes, Philip Larkin, and not least my brother, Leo, the MP.
Elias Canetti (United Kingdom, 1905-1994) wins the Nobel Prize for Literature "for writings marked by a broad outlook, a wealth of ideas and artistic power.
Also included are essays on Renaissance classics, and many more on twentieth-century writers like Gertrude Stein, Ernesto Sabato, William Gaddis, Elias Canetti, and of course Rainer Maria Rilke.