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United States writer (born in Romania) who survived Nazi concentration camps and is dedicated to keeping alive the memory of the Holocaust (born in 1928)

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Author Eli Wiesel, in the nation's capital for a reading of his new novel, noted that Wiesenthal had done ``so much to try to bring to justice the people who committed the worst crimes in history.
Other contributors to the anthology include Eli Wiesel and Alan Dershowitz.
This deal is upheld by Jews such as Eli Wiesel and by mainstream Christian organizations such as the World Council of Churches," Ellis said.
Since I too am not an Israeli, as Eli Wiesel writes in his New York Times op-ed piece, "Jerusalem in My Heart," I confine myself to essentials.
Eli Wiesel, the Nobel Prize winner who has spent his life trying to compel humanity to confront the stupefying horror of the Holocaust, used the occasion of his speech at the dedication of the Holocaust Memorial Museum to tell President Clinton, "I have been in the former Yugoslavia last fall.
Along with McCullough, other special Christopher Award-winning literary and media icons have included Dave Brubeck, Eli Wiesel, Mary Higgins Clark, Carroll O'Connor, Dr.