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a collection of classical Greek marble sculptures and fragments of architecture created by Phidias

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Patrick Hannay, a lecturer in interior art at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, said, 'Just like Greece and the return of the Elgin Marbles, Barry deserves the return of some of the Davies family's remarkable art collection that currently sits in the National Museum in Cardiff.
Numerous historic Welsh manuscripts and other objects are currently housed in English and American museums, universities and libraries, and calls for their return could increase if a European campaign over the Elgin Marbles is successful.
A 56-year-old Midland doctor yesterday told of his plans to swim 22 miles between the Greek islands of Delos and Paros in support of a UK-based campaign to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece.
Mrs Dunwoody thinks they are as important to Britain as the Elgin Marbles are to Greece.
Responding to a request from our National Museum for the 'Red Lady of Paviland' to be repatriated to Wales he wrote, 'As to depositing the Paviland Collections permanently at Cardiff, I suggest that this possibility be explored when the British Museum returns the Elgin marbles to Greece and the National Gallery its Titians to Italy, for they are surely in the same category.
THE Wa lker art gallery was at the centre of a political storm last night after agreeing to host the launch of a campaign to strip the British Museum of the Elgin Marbles.
The Greeks may want them back but the British Government is still not letting the Elgin Marbles go.
The Elgin Marbles will not be returned to Greece by the new Labour Government.
But some believe the cape should be permanently displayed at a Welsh Museum and the case mirrors that of the Elgin Marbles, which the Greeks want to see returned from the British Museum.
The great-grandson of the man who brought the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon,in Athens,almost 200 years ago, is clearly passionate ab out wanting to keep them in their current home at the British Museum.
Greece would consider sharing ownership of the Elgin Marbles with Britain - provided the sculptures are returned to Athens, a Commons committee was told yesterday.
The chairman of Swansea's tourism association is backing an Elgin Marbles style campaign to secure the return to Wales of the Red Lady of Paviland.
STAYING PUT: Some of the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum.
The Greek Foreign Minister yesterday expressed hope that a more positive dialogue could begin with the British Government over the future of the Elgin Marbles.
SINCE they married last year she has been busy with the day job, most recently helping Greece in its battle to get the Elgin Marbles back from Britain.