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Synonyms for ivory

of a light color or complexion

Synonyms for ivory

a hard smooth ivory colored dentine that makes up most of the tusks of elephants and walruses


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a shade of white the color of bleached bones

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These and other shared narrative strategies, images, and echoes of language (or allusions, as Elfenbein refers to them), along with O'Connor's specific claim of being influenced by Beerbohm, invite an understanding and appreciation of O'Connor's debt to a writer who didn't share her fierce Christian moral vision but instead shared an equally profound sense of the absurd and of the perhaps not completely avoidable human tendency towards narcissism.
Prior to DigitalFX, Elfenbein cofounded SaySwap, Inc.
As for authorial receptivity to works on language, Elfenbein cites Scott's desiring "Walkers Dict[ionar]y of rhymes [fetched] from my lib[rar]y," as exemplifying a need for "an indispensable tool for poets" (36).
On the contrary, as Andrew Elfenbein states, "one of the most compelling aspects of [Wollstonecraft's] career is its power to unsettle the homosexual/heterosexual split that the twentieth century made so rigid.
It is an honor and an achievement to have made both lists, particularly during these past 2 years of stagnant IT spending," says Michael Elfenbein, CEO of Ivory Systems.
HealthAwareNext is a natural extension of The Bloc's thought leadership platform HealthWellNext," said Elizabeth Elfenbein, Creative Partner.
I agree with much of what Elfenbein has to say about this use of genius to develop a new sexual identity, but I disagree with his conclusion that, as a female genius, Wollstonecraft had no productive outlet for her abilities.
The great demand we experienced for PriceConnect(TM) as an internet-based system showed us that there were other applications for the product, based on our customers' needs," said Leonard Elfenbein, Chairman and CEO of LYNX Technologies, Inc.
Creative Globalization' is a rallying cry to creative folks inside and outside our industry," said Elizabeth Elfenbein, Partner, Creative at The CementBloc, who drove the Creative Globalization initiative and also served on the Executive Jury.
Elfenbein places Byron's heroes and his representations of homosexuality and pedophilia in the context of a rising consensus among his contemporaries about the definitions of masculinity and sexual norms.
The purpose of PriceConnect(TM) is to assist salespeople and pricing desks in rapidly pricing customer networks and responding to customers' questions about the cost of service in foreign countries," said Leonard Elfenbein, Chairman and CEO of LYNX Technologies, Inc.
It speaks to the depth of talent here at The Bloc, in all departments," said Elizabeth Elfenbein, Partner, Creative.
Michael Elfenbein, CEO of Ivory Systems, attributes the sustained growth of the company to its determination to assist its clients in achieving success by maximizing the value of their e-business technology investments.
It was wonderful to see happiness in action, to watch our guests discover, share, and fuel their happy moments in real time," said Elizabeth Elfenbein, founder of Happy Fuel.
Happy Fuel takes the functionality of social media and filters it through the idea of happiness to create a new type of media: Happy Media," said Elizabeth Elfenbein, founder of Happy Fuel.