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an urban public transit system using underground or elevated trains

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The cityAAEs elevated train and subway systems remained shut Saturday.
Several stations in an elevated train system were shutting early.
Five grenades struck an elevated train station and a street where rival protesters had gathered to hurl insults and rocks at the Red Shirts, whose occupation of parts of the capital for six weeks has paralyzed business and daily life in the city.
1880s-1930s: The current Market Hotel residents believe the space, which is located in Brooklyn underneath the elevated train tracks at Broadway and Myrtle, originally opened as a bank years before the dawn of the 20th century.
Cinematographer Eric Gautier captures the colors, danger and excitement of the neighborhood and uses the spattered window of an elevated train approaching Manhattan to frame a spectacular image of the beckoning skyline.
THREE Canadian boys, barely into their teens, are suspected of robbing seven banks over six weeks, handing the cashier a note in each case and using Vancouver's elevated train to make their getaway.
The highest lead contamination occurred directly beneath elevated train trestles, where concentrations of the metal routinely reached many thousands of parts per million (ppm).
Its closing leaves "a small hole in the heart of the Loop," (the section of Chicago's downtown bordered by the elevated train tracks), said Ty Tabing, the director of the Chicago Loop Alliance.
In the early twentieth century, economic concerns such as quick movement of freight, desire to increase ridership and to move workers to jobs more efficiently, and to reduce traffic congestion and accidents, eventually resulted in the creation of the subway-surface and elevated train lines through Center City, which promoted use by the working classes through cheaper fares, and made possible for them the separation of home from business that had promoted middle-class suburbanization.
The Loop, named for the elevated train tracks that encircle it, not only attracts students but the conveniences those students demand--affordable restaurants and cafes, and parking for an almost entirely commuter population.
finds a contented, happily married yuppie catching a glimpse from an elevated train of a beautiful woman peering out of the window of a dance studio.
Presenting unorthodox city views, snapshots captured from elevated train lines and hotel rooms, with zoom-lens perspective, ordinary windows frame extraordinary scenes of private lives.
The operator expects the elevated train to help ease traffic congestion in the capital and help people get around faster.
in the West Side community of West Garfield Park, where every couple of minutes the Green Line elevated train rumbles by.