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The government will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding and would also obtain detailed proposals from HASS Joint Venture, Australia to design and construct the elevated highway.
Photos posted on the website of a Henan newspaper showed a stretch of elevated highway gone, with one truck's back wheels perched at the edge of a shorn-off section of the highway.
At least seven fire crews were on the scene and police held back crowds of onlookers and closed a nearby elevated highway to ensure safety.
The 6th of October Bridge is an elevated highway in Cairo, Egypt, running through the city connecting part of the city to the highway to the Cairo International Airport, 20.
The completion of Boston's Big Dig project in 2006, which replaced the city's congested elevated highway with an underground tunnel system, greatly benefited Rowes Wharf.
Almost as soon as the ribbon was cut on the elevated highway in 1959, many were already wishing it away.
After being elected Seoul's mayor in 2002, he won local and international applaud for tearing down an unsightly elevated highway to open up the 6-kilometer Cheonggyecheon stream that flows through the heart of the capital.
Uchida and Kaneko are accused of instructing their subordinates to divide orders among bridge builders for an elevated highway bridge project in the city of Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture, in May 2004, causing the state-run highway firm 47.
The project, better known as the Big Dig, involves the replacement of an elevated, 1950's-era downtown highway with a tunnel system, and the restoration of surface roads where the elevated highway had been.
In 1997, construction of an elevated highway leading to the inner port area of Alexandria chanced upon a series of catacomb tombs in the Gabbari quarter of the city, and Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities entrusted the site to Empereur and the CEA.
It all starts with a motorized conveyor belt that raises vehicles to the elevated highway, from which they are promptly dispatched on a plummeting ride back to ground level, encountering all sorts of hazards en route, depending on which fork in the rumbling roadway they take.
Boston's current elevated highway was built in 1959 and was expected to accommodate 75,000 cars a day.
Injured passengers were taken to nearby hospitals after their bus, travelling near the south-western city of Toulouse, jumped the guardrail of an elevated highway and plunged to the road below.
During the first quarter of the game, an unmarked truck drives along an elevated highway a mile upwind of the stadium.
He recalled posting a sign where traffic jammed on an elevated highway connecting Manhattan and Staten Island that read: ``Wouldn't you rather be riding the ferry now?
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