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type genus of the family Elephantidae

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I don't know what it is about elephants, but they do appear in Philippine history from the prehistoric dwarf type whose scientific name, elephas beyeri, honors H.
2) El hijo eterno, publicada en espanol por Elephas.
Plant fossils from the Stegodon beds and the Elephas beds near Akashi.
2013 Quaternary Elephas fossils from Peninsular Malaysia: historical overview and new material.
In the same publication, Schoff and Stovall (1943:129-130) listed nine localities of occurrence of the remains of mammoths in Cimarron County, which Stovall had identified as Elephas (=Mammuthus) columbi and Archidiskodon (=Mammuthus) imperator.
Serial Scientific Name Family Name Local Name Number 1 Vulpes bengalensis Canidae Khak shiyal English: Bengal fox 2 Semnopithecus entellus Cercopithecidae Hanuman English: Hanuman langur 3 Axis axis Cervidae Horin English: Chitral deer 4 Elephas maximus Elephantidae Hati English: Indian elephant 5 Latirus duplicatus Fasciolariidae Shamuk English: Many angled spindle snail 6 Geoclemys hamiltonii Geoemydidae Kachim English: Black pond turtle 7 Ursus thibetanus Ursidae Bhaluk English: Asiatic black bear, Indian black bear Serial Utilized Part(s) Ailment Number 1 Bone Treatment for 18 types of fever.
As it is, The country now has a rapidly dwindling wild elephant population of a distinct sub species elephas elephas maximus found only in Sri Lanka, with a very minute percentage of that, being tuskers.
Experimenting usage of camera-traps for population dynamics study of the Asian elephant Elephas maximus in southern India.
Finalmente, un dato curioso: el escarabajo mas grande de Mexico puede llegar a medir hasta doce centimetros; es el famoso escarabajo elefante, entomologicamente conocido como Megasoma elephas.
Muestreo aleatorio simple y muestreo sistematico de las poblaciones de Curculio elephas (Gyllenhal) (Col: curculionidae) y Cydia fagiglandana (Zeller) (Lep: tortricidae) en encinas.
From this country recently Usmani (2007, 2008) reported Pamphagus elephas (L.
Spillover of spiny Jobsters Palinurus elephas from a marine reserve to an adjoining fishery.