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type genus of the family Elephantidae

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Schoff and Stovall (1943) identified some of the mammoths from Cimarron County as Elephas (=Mammuthus) columbi and others as Archidiskodon (Elephas) imperator (=Mammuthus imperator).
Dynamics of a protected Western Mediterranean population of the European spiny lobster Palinurus elephas (Fabricius, 17871 assessed by trap surveys.
Discovery of Elephas primigenius americanus in the Bed of Glacial Lake Mogodore, in Cass County, Michigan.
The Asian elephant, Elephas maximus, is not considered herein.
Cuvier 1825) Eurasian otter Lutra lutra (Linnaeus) 1758 Masked Palm Civet Paguma larvata (Hamilton-Smith 1831) Asian Elephant Elephas maximus (Linnaeus 1758) Rhinosceros Rhinoceros sp.
The mammoth was a female Elephas Primigenius which was the size of an elephant.
Mammoths in Michigan have been given varying names in the literature: Elephas primigenius (Case et al.
ATCi is offering a complete uplink system to broadcast the conference via satellite to Elephas Communications & Interactive Media, Inc.
The presence of Elephas antiquus, which was identified among some of the Spanish ivory analysed, as well as the plaque from Leceia, is hard to explain (Schuhmacher & Cardoso 2007).
This is the first known report of oribatids as intermediate hosts of Anoplocephala manubriata, cestode of Elephas maximus.
MASkargo and its Animal Hotel scored another point in live animal carriage and handling when a pair of Elephas Maximus Sumatrae (Sumatran Elephants) were successfully flown into Japan from Jakarta today.
and an elephant, Elephas planifrons, quite typical of an eastern African lowland savannah landscape and one in which later Pliocene hominins would have been very much at home.