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hypertrophy of certain body parts (usually legs and scrotum)

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Owner Peter Orton paid tribute to the trainerOs unusual methods with his eight-year-old, saying: OHeOd been off for 500 days [ETH] first he had a front leg, then a back leg, he had something called elephantitis, and Nigel has trained him in the field [ETH] itOs been a fantastic training feat.
The diseases include sleeping sickness, bilharzia, river blindness, hookworm, elephantitis and blinding trachoma.
Alonso suffers from a host of diseases, but the one that worries him most is the lymphedema, sometimes called elephantitis.
jelly beans) warning that side effects include "genital elephantitis," an apparent reference to a line in the movie.
The guide to Championship success tells you that beast presides over beauty, where any notion of sexy soccer must be banished to make way for elephantitis of a footballing kind.
Since I was a kid, I have had imaginary cases of tsetse fever, elephantitis, malaria, throat nodules, rabies, gout and smallpox.
And scientists have refused to rule out the possibility of the horror virus - similar to Elephantitis - spreading to humans.