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There's plenty to see and do too, from Elephantine Island, one of the country's most ancient sites, to the famous Aswan Dam, to the numerous mosques and temples including the ancient Philae Temple, a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Elephantine Island has become a sort of unofficial theme park, albeit with washing machines next to the water jars and TV aerials marring the aesthetic outlines of the domed rooves.
Abdel Razik Mohamed from Elephantine Island in Aswan left his home when he was 13.
After each visit to a temple - Edfu, Kom Ombu, the Aswan dams, Queen Hatshepsut's unfinished obelisk, Philae, Elephantine Island, Abu Simbel, Esna, Luxor, Karnak - we scurried to our cosy cabin and swotted up on gods, pharaonic dynasties, pylons, hypostyles, sanctuaries, hieroglyphs and cartouches in a desperate bid to keep up with him intelligently.
Lastly, youOll disembark in Aswan to enjoy a tour by felucca, a swift Egyptian sailboat, around Elephantine Island, once the center of modern Aswan.
This really is a view fit for a king, looking across the river to the 7,000-year-old temple ruins of Elephantine Island.