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Goby species include families Eleotridae, Rhyacichthyidae and Gobiidae are of course well adapted to high flow conditions due to their suction cups formed by fused pelvic fins that help them effectively cling on rocks and boulders against the extreme current [11].
La familia Eleotridae fue la unica con mas de una especie, cuatro en total (50% de las familias encontradas) contribuyendo con 61,43% del total de individuos capturados (Tabla 2).
Pipon Co, Fi: Dormitator maculatus, Eleotridae, Poecilia gillii y P.
In Mexico, a number of fresh- or brackishwater fish of the families Atherinidae, Cichlidae, Cyprinidae, Eleotridae, Goodeidae, Ictaluridae and Poeciliidae have been reported to harbour Centrocestus formosanus metacercariae (Table 1).
monticola (Bancroft, 1834) Eleotridae Eleotris pisonis CIUA 286, 333 EIGENMANN, 1920b.
The presence or only five instead of six branchiostegal rays initially led to the supposition that this new gobioid might belong in the family Gobiidae (usually with five branchiostegal rays) instead of Eleotridae (usually with six).
The Eleotridae family consists of 150 fish species distributed in 35 genera found principally in the tropics and subtropics.
Molecular phylogenetics of basal gobioid fishes: Rhyacichthyidae, Odontobutidae, Xenisthmidae, Eleotridae (Teleostei: Perciformes: Gobioidei).
altifrons Mojarra Oreochromis niloticus Tilapia Theraps sieboldii Mojarra ELEOTRIDAE (2) Dormitator latifrons Guavina Gobiomorus maculatus Guavina GERREIDAE (2) Eugerres brevimanus Palmito Eucinostomus currani Palmito GOBIIDAE (2) Awaous transandeanus Lamearena Sycidium salvini Chupa piedra HAEMULIDAE (2) Haemulopsis leuciscus Roncador LORICARIIDAE (1) Hypostomus panamensis Ruisaca LUTJANIDAE (2) Lutjanus jordani Pargo nanguero L.
Molecular phylogeny of basal gobioid fishes: Rhyacichthyidae, Odonto-butidae, Xenisthmidae, Eleotridae (Teleostei: Perciformes: Gobioidei).
TABLE 1 Importance Value Index (IV) of the ichthyofauna recorded in the lagunar system Carretas-Pereyra in Chiapas Mexico Family Scientific name % N % F Eleotridae Dormitator latifrons 14.