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It further differs from Microphilypnus, the only other genus of Eleotridae known from the interior of the Amazon basin, in having a relatively stout head and body; blunt snout; scales absent on head and anterior third of body; a highly distinctive insertion pattern of first dorsal fin pterygiophores to interneural spines; pelvic fins filamentous, last two (innermost rays) of each fin nearly twice as long as others, and extending well beyond anal fin origin when adpressed to body; and vertebrae 10+16=26 or 11+15=26 (vs.
Leptophilypnion appears to be a remarkably miniaturized taxon, so it will be difficult to ascertain its phylogenetic place inside Eleotridae.
Over the last decade, systematic surveys of the freshwaters and estuaries of Fiji by Wetlands International have revealed a relatively diverse oceanic island ichthyofauna dominated by Gobiidae, Eleotridae and an unusually high diversity of syngnathine pipefishes including five species of Microphis, two species of Hippichthys and an unknown genus (Jenkins & Boseto 2003; Boseto 2006; Boseto & Jenkins 2006; Jenkins et.
The gobiioid family Eleotridae contains approximately 35 genera and about 185 species (based on compilation from Eschmeyer 2010) that primarily occur in fresh and brackish waters of tropical and subtropical localities.