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Italian actress best known for her performances in tragic roles (1858-1924)


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A comedy about legendary actresses Sarah Bernhardt and Eleonora Duse and a Russian terrorist who's trying to sabotage their latest stage efforts.
4) Her role was written specifically for the great actresses who dominated European theater in the last decade of the nineteenth century, first brought to the stage by Sarah Bernhardt in the French production and then by Eleonora Duse in the original Italian production.
In "Cenere by Grazia Deledda and Eleonora Duse," Margherita Heyer-Caput discusses the adaptation as a complex interaction between written and visual codes adopted by writer and actress.
Set in the roaring twenties, the novel revolves around Lucho and Wenceslao, lovers and screwballs who lead us on a madcap journey from their native Bogota to Havana, where the not-so-famous Italian actress Eleonora Duse is scheduled to give a special performance.
The idea is certainly a winner: Stage rivals Sarah Bernhardt and Eleonora Duse, in Paris to play the same role - different engagements - at the same theater are held hostage on the set by a bomb-toting anarchist.
Gregory is referring to the plays that Gabriele D'Annunzio wrote for Eleonora Duse.
One project in development, The Rivals, is about the bitter competition between the legendary stage actresses Sarah Bernhardt and Eleonora Duse.
Shaw does take seriously--Ibsen, Wagner, Eleonora Duse and himself.