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sedges having dense spikes of flowers and leaves reduced to basal sheaths

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Dominant species native wetland grasses throughout the year: Hymenachne (Leersia hexandra, amplexicaulis, Eleocharis Hymenachne cellulosa.
Baccus & Horton (1979) found that the dominant species among the wetland species was Eleocharis interstincta.
Doryanthes excelsa * Eleocharis dulcis * Eleocharis sphacelata * * * Epipogium roseum * Eriochilus spp.
Paspalum laxum, and Eleocharis (emergent vegetation) surrounded by Phyla nodifolora and P.
This karyological phenomenon is documented in Luzula of the Juncaceae; and Carex, Eleocharis, Cyperus and Rhynchospora of the Cyperaceae (Malheiros & de Castro, 1947; Luceno & Castroviejo 1991; Hakansson, 1954; Vanzela et al.
toothcup), Andropogon virginicus (broomsedge bluestem), Boltonia asteroides (white doll's daisy), Eleocharis spp.
ligulatus <1 <1 Berula erecta <1 1 [+ or -] 1 Chara and other algal species 2 [+ or -] 2 23 [+ or -] 16 Cirsium neomexicanum 1 [+ or -] 1 0 Eleocharis macrostachya 0 <1 Juncos interior <1 <1 Lemna minor <1 <1 Lilaeopsis schaffnenana ssp.
The first plants to inhabit the study site after disturbance presumably belonged to native species such as Eleocharis rostellata and Asclepias tuberosa, and to escaped species grown elsewhere in cultivation, for example, Juniperus horizontalis.
2] plot); dominants included Eleocharis obtusa, Hydrolea uniflora, Ludwigia peploides, Paspalum dilatatum, and Polygonum hydropiper.
The edible starchy seeds are consumed in China and India although they are less used than the common water chestnut of Chinese cooking which is a corm of the sedge Eleocharis dulcis (Burm.
Two plants occurring only in this habitat were Eleocharis erythropoda and Schoenoplectus pungens.
Jones (1963) included 14 sedge genera [Bulbostylis, Carex, Cladium, Cyperus, Dulichium, Eleocharis, Eriophorum, Fimbristylis, Fuirena, Hemicarpha, Lipocarpha, Rhynchospora, Scirpus, Scleria] in the state with 196 species, 122 of which were in the genus Carex alone.
pungens), espadana (Typha domingensis) y Eleocharis macrostachya.
The grasses, Leersia lenticularis (catchfly grass), Panicum rigidulum (redtop panicgrass), and sedges, Carex joorii (cypress swamp sedge), Cyperus odoratus (fragrant flatsedge), and Eleocharis obtusa (blunt spikesedge), are commonly encountered in marshes.