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a method of teaching by question and answer

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Gellibrand, 1654), 109; Turretin, Institutes of Elenctic Theology, 10.
Apparent differences in the depicted Socrates, she argues, are due to differences among Socrates' interlocutors: for some of them, he has reason to expose and test their views through elenctic questioning; for others, he has reason to expose their views through apparently confident lecturing.
Aristotle holds that it was Socrates who first made frequent, systematic use of epagoge in his elenctic investigations of various definitions of the virtues (Meta.
In its fiercely elenctic relation to the major texts and personages of white America, the document represents a milestone in African-American literature, a precedent of textual militancy.
For example, I have always been suspicious of the name "Han Fei" [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ("Han the Refuter," or conceivably, "The Refuter from Han"), since Han Fei is one of the most elenctic Writers in the history of Chinese philosophy.
Wolfsdorf argues that a comprehensive survey of the early dialogues does not permit the adversarial interpretation of the elenctic method.
Consider a case in which Socrates' secondary beliefs (the premises of an elenctic episode) conflict with a definition of some virtue put forward by an interlocutor.
She is certainly right that Vlastos 'decontextualizes passages and isolates the elenctic arguments from the dialectical context of the dialogues' (8), for Socratic dialectic is much more than just elenctic arguments, as C says.