Socratic method

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a method of teaching by question and answer

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Dancy develops this account by showing us how the role of the paradigm requirement, which occurs in the passage that introduces this elenchos, can be accomplished by the self-predication requirement.
This editor he call the El (after Elenchos = Refutation) redactor.
21) Thateron we see not as the mere distinction of like elements but as the difference (22) of what is from what should be, a difference of deficiency and disharmony whose resolution requires the discrimination and separation of worse from better, (23) the healing and purification of the soul most of all through the education and elenchos practiced by the "noble" sophist of the sixth analysis, who of course is not a sophist at all but a Socratic philosopher.
Heresiography in Context: Hippolytus' Elenchos as a Source for Greek Philosophy.
this characteristic insofar as it is cause thereof"; Franco Ferrari, "La causalita del bene nella Repubblica di Platone," Elenchos 22.
49) For the medievals' knowledge of ancient skepticism, see Pasquale Porro, "Il Sextus latinus e l'imagine dello scetticismo antico nel medioevo," Elenchos 2 (1994): 229-53.