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a school for young children

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SIMI VALLEY - More elementary schools are reaching the statewide goal on standardized tests, while middle and high school students continue to fall short of reaching the academic benchmark.
As part of EPI's Excel Kids Program, EPI donates 25% of goods sold in excess of $1,000 by organizations or corporations that wish to donate these supplies to elementary schools.
According to the results, 46 percent of elementary schools, 55 percent of middle schools, 47 percent of high schools and 48 percent of all schools met their targets.
EPI), announced today it is gearing up for Back-to-School through its Excel Kids initiative, a nationwide program creating partnerships to provide school supplies to elementary school children in need.
In 2002, the last time elementary schools were eligible for the award, only one LAUSD elementary school won.
Alexis Sheehy, assistant superintendent of instructional services for the BUSD, said it would be wonderful if the district could have volunteer art specialists at its elementary schools, and she welcomed Artists for Change's interest.
The influence of `The Rosie O'Donnell Show,' coupled with the reach of the Internet, gives us a chance to help elementary schools nationwide with their school libraries.
Three elementary schools - Emerson, Jefferson and Roosevelt - exceeded the 800-point mark, out of 1,000 points possible.
The 2000 Teach the Children initiative will also be introduced at multiple elementary schools in Detroit, New York, Memphis, Miami, and San Diego.
In the Valley, 95 percent of all elementary schools reached their targets, followed by 85 percent of middle schools and 75 percent of high schools.
Ulrich elementary schools and sixth-graders from California City Middle School will be transferred there, Phelps said.
A public contract involving the carrying out of primary school transport to and from school and in between school districts and elementary schools: Artice Elementary School, Elementary School Bizeljsko, Bre ice Elementary School, Elementary School Cerklje, Elementary School Dobova and POS Chapels, Deep Elementary School, Primary School Maks Pi ece and Great Elementary School Dolina.
Attendance boundaries will be redrawn so children who live on the town's west side and currently attend Wilsona and Vista San Gabriel elementary schools will go to Saddleback, Superintendent Ned McNabb said.
Hickok today announced that 14 Pennsylvania elementary schools have been named 1998-99 U.
Phil and his wife, Amy, teamed up with the ExxonMobil Foundation to develop a new and innovative program to improve science and math education in elementary schools.
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