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Synonyms for elemental

Synonyms for elemental

of or being an irreducible element

forming an essential element, as arising from the basic structure of an individual

Synonyms for elemental

of or being the essential or basic part

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Thus in one theoretical speech on elemental spirits one finds mention of the "triple nature" of man: "Man in his body corresponds to the elemental world, in his reason to the celestial world, and in his heart to the spiritual world.
New characters and environments join familiar monsters and elemental spirits from previous MANA titles, with cutting-edge rendering techniques that preserve the signature beauty and subtlety of the acclaimed series.
The references to philosophy, human tradition, and elemental spirits, as well as observing festivals and worshipping angels, suggest a view of Christ that is something less than the view held by the author.
The only thing that can save the land is the return of Kelhadden's amulet, hidden by elemental spirits until a prince worthy of it finds it and brings it home.
An Enchanting Adventure demonstrates this idea through a positive, uplifting tale in a magical kingdom of the elemental spirits of nature; it is one which both children and adults alike will enjoy.
By contrast, what characterized the previous age (apart from the covenant with Abraham) represented allegiance to secondary forces and not to God directly--slavery to "the elemental spirits of the cosmos" (4:3, 8-9).