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expressing sorrow often for something past

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Terrence Malick's new film, "The Tree of Life," is at once a wide-ranging meditation, an elegaic cinematic rendering of what it's like to be a child, and a litany of sounds and images of humankind, nature and, incredibly, the Earth's beginnings.
Solon composed and performed an elegaic battle hymn, persuading Athenians to resume their war for Salamis, under his command.
The program - which also includes Beethoven's "Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage" and Elegaic Song - begins at 8 p.
If neither of these treatments of the house prefigured as deserted and crumbling in the first of these examples and presented as a harsh reality in contrast to the easy optimism of her early marriage in the second--immediately fulfils the traditional requirements of praise poems, they nonetheless do come close to an equally traditional but more elegaic poetic genre, that of the lament for the abandoned house.
The result is a beautiful volume of large-scale photos of the ocean (by Hiroshi Sugimoto and others), plants (by Thomas Struth and others), ice (by Mette Tronvoll among others), and land (by Per Bak Jensen and 4 others), that is nonetheless elegaic in tone.
I suppose you could say "Cambridge" enhanced a certain lyric, elegaic, and satyric poetic disposition already encompassed in my hippocamp.
As an old man's painting, The Drunkeness of Noah is as elegaic as Titian's late Pieta in the Accademia, Venice: an extraordinary painterly meditation on the frailty of the human condition and the enfeeblement of old age.
Even the elegaic "The Ship of Death" (written as Lawrence was dying) ends with a renewal, in typically Lawrentian words: ".
She is marvellously limpid, contrasting for example Dante's "viscously physical hell" with Vergil's "doubt-ridden elegaic ethos," and sometimes moving, noting that Vergil is "a guide whom he would cause us to love and then to lose.
Et In Arcadia Ego: Poussin and the Elegaic Tradition.
No doubt Sacks is correct about many elegies, but his account fails to describe how elegaic conventions are put to use in these poems.
its elegaic quality comes not simply from the quality of its writing but
Rolando Villazon (Edgardo) brought a manly self-assurance to the role, heroic in his duet with Lucia and elegaic in the final scene.
Kipp contrasts Walpole's and Lewis's gothic mothers to those devised by women writers: Charlotte Smith, especially in the Elegaic Sonnets and "The Emigrants"; Sophia Lee, in The Recess (1783); Mary Wollstonecraft, in The Wrongs of Woman, or Maria (1798); and Felicia Hemans, especially in the poems focusing on infanticide, "The Indian Woman's Death Song" and "The Suliote Mother.