Coulomb's Law

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a fundamental principle of electrostatics

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The electrostatic interaction has beneficial contribution to binding energy and its value is only -1.
Electrostatic interactions, charge neutralization and bridging are among the major interactions involved in dye adsorption and coagulation flocculation.
This is possibly because of the electrostatic interaction between the amide (-CON[H.
The electrostatic interaction occurs between charged biopolymers with opposite charges.
5; on the one hand, the range of the first shallow attractive well (where the PMF is negative) is reduced by about half when the electrostatic interaction is included, namely the range for the neutral dispersion (blue line in Fig.
Instead of binder chemicals, the developed technology uses the attractive force originated from electrostatic interaction.
The micellar assembly can be formed by the positively charged polar head group of surfactant locate in the interfacial region of the micelle and in its external core are the ascorbic acid molecules (ascorbate anions) bind by electrostatic interaction.
A comb-like structure provides the steric stabilization while acid functionalities provide the electrostatic interaction.
In this regard the accepted mechanism suggests that the dye cations bind to adjacent sites of the polymer forming a single individual compound, which is considered to arise from electrostatic interaction among neighboring dye molecules and fixed sites on polymer as a result of which they suffer effective aggregation resulting in hypochromic and hypsochromic spectral shifts in the absorption band of the dye [26].
Stillinger (1961), in studying the discrete adsorbed charge effect, found an integral expression for the electrostatic interaction between point charges at an electrolyte interface by solving the linearized Poisson-Boltzmann equation.
1999) investigated Cd(II) sorption in presence of some oxyanions on the goethite with EXAFS spectroscopy, and their study showed that the mechanism of Cd(II) sorption was solely due to electrostatic interaction in the presence of phosphate and sulfate.
To assess further the contribution of a mucin-dependent electrostatic interaction in masking hBD detection, we found that asialo-mucin significantly diminished the masking effect.
2+] metal serves both to organize the urea arms and also to provide a stabilizing electrostatic interaction between the negatively charged anion and the positively charged metal as shown in Figure 2a.
Note the slight positive electrostatic interaction energy values in items 1 and 2 showing very weak dipole-dipole interactions caused by the polar carbon-oxygen bonds.
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