electrostatic precipitator

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removes dust particles from gases by electrostatic precipitation

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Robust Design: Dust resistant design and exhaust vent shutters make projectors ideal for dusty environments; electrostatic filter with 10,000 hour life and lamp life of up to 5,000 hours using Epson's exclusive E-TORL[R] lamp technology provide for a low total cost of ownership; cable cover protects connectors from dust and prevents tampering
There are a few main types of filters; fiberglass filters, pleated media filters, and electrostatic filters.
Finally, hybrid filters--those that combine all three types of cleaners--may be whole-house or portable, and can combine different methods such as mechanical filters and passive electrostatic filters.
The Sermide-Carbonara Po plant which entered service at the beginning of the 1980s, has a single electrostatic filter and currently burns fuel with a density of 80%.
Air entering the workstation is cleaned by an electrostatic filter within the module.
Panasonic's second-generation Auto Rolling Filter (ARF) reduces periodic-maintenance costs and the need for onsite visits to deal with dust build-up and contamination by detecting any reduced air flow from captured dust and automatically exposing fresh electrostatic filter material as needed.
250 mg / m for the new value of 20 mg / m) - technology with electrostatic filter flue (comprehensive supply of electrostatic filter including switchboards, cabling and other necessary parts and installation device) built steel structures for electrostatic newly installed in the hall of the heating plant, the new floor with adequate strength for the electrostatic.
The most effective system is an electrostatic filter connected to your ductwork ($700 to $1,500, professionally installed).
Avanti's 16-pound basic upright has an extensive feature package: varied-speed operation, an electrostatic filter, height adjustment, dual-edge cleaning, a 25-foot cord, a stainless-steel bottom plate, a stainless-steel brush assembly with replaceable bristles, and a motor rated at 1,200 watts and 11 amps.
A method of forming an electrostatic filter media was patented.
For TEPS, it is difficult for us to independently commercialize our Electrostatic Filter System.
Blueair, a Swedish company, set up a Chicago office to market a sleek, silent, high-end unit with a HEPA electrostatic filter for easy passage of air, said Bengt Rittri, president and founder.
Technostat is manufactured from a blend of polypropylene and modacrylic fibers that, during the manufacturing process, generate electrical charges on the fiber surface, resulting in a highly stable, coarse fiber electrostatic filter media.
Contract notice: Electrostatic filter and fuel economy hydraulic station repair and maintenance.
The new S142 now comes in three filtration options: an electrostatic filter, an activated charcoal filter or HEPA filter.
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