electrostatic precipitator

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removes dust particles from gases by electrostatic precipitation

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Robust Design: Dust resistant design and exhaust vent shutters make projectors ideal for dusty environments; electrostatic filter with 10,000 hour life and lamp life of up to 5,000 hours using Epson's exclusive E-TORL[R] lamp technology provide for a low total cost of ownership; cable cover protects connectors from dust and prevents tampering
There are a few main types of filters; fiberglass filters, pleated media filters, and electrostatic filters.
Second, the next-generation Auto Rolling Filter keeps the projectors almost dust-free by detecting any reduction in air flow and automatically advancing clean electrostatic filter material over the air intake port when needed.
Avanti's 16-pound basic upright has an extensive feature package: varied-speed operation, an electrostatic filter, height adjustment, dual-edge cleaning, a 25-foot cord, a stainless-steel bottom plate, a stainless-steel brush assembly with replaceable bristles, and a motor rated at 1,200 watts and 11 amps.
A method of forming an electrostatic filter media was patented.
For TEPS, it is difficult for us to independently commercialize our Electrostatic Filter System.
Withdrawal by means of tanker-tight, dust from flue gas cleaning - generated by both electrostatic filter (PES) and by bag filter (PSR) - arising from the incineration of waste located in Como, location and the Guzza identified with the code number "190107 * solid wastes from gas treatment", whose hazard class, valid for the duration of the contract referred to in art.
Two concrete examples are the electrostatic filter that catches ultra-fine particles (not treated today by conventional filters) and the anti-allergen filter composed of a natural anti-allergen coating able to prevent allergies and asthma crisis.
Blueair, a Swedish company, set up a Chicago office to market a sleek, silent, high-end unit with a HEPA electrostatic filter for easy passage of air, said Bengt Rittri, president and founder.
Technostat is manufactured from a blend of polypropylene and modacrylic fibers that, during the manufacturing process, generate electrical charges on the fiber surface, resulting in a highly stable, coarse fiber electrostatic filter media.
China Air Purifiers Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020" discusses the following aspects of air purifiers market in China: -- China Air Purifiers Market Size, Share & Forecast -- Segmental Analysis - HEPA & Activated Carbon, Electrostatic Filter and Ion & Ozone Filter -- Policy & Regulatory Landscape -- Changing Market Trends & Emerging Opportunities -- Competitive Landscape & Strategic Recommendations Why You Should Buy This Report?
These particles, which may be smaller than one micron in diameter, are charged through a corona electrical field and collected on an electrostatic filter.
The new S142 now comes in three filtration options: an electrostatic filter, an activated charcoal filter or HEPA filter.
The "Electrostat" product line, including lightweight, heavy weight and HEPA grade electrostatic filter media, is a recent development from All Felt Products, Ontario, CA.
The electrostatic filter techniques used in the CleanPOINT achieve significant particle reductions and unlike conventional filters do so with only a small drop in pressure across the filter.
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