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a field of force surrounding a charged particle

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Trek's versatile ESD Audit Kit includes Trek's Ionizer Kit (Model 511 Electrostatic Field Meter with charger and charge plate) and Model 1501 Surface Resistance Meter, all in a compact carrying case.
Generally, two types of measurements should be considered: electrostatic fields or potentials and resistance or resistivity.
In most cases, mixing of binders and reinforcing fillers has been performed using an electrostatic field.
Leach, a plant pathologist at Oregon State University in Corvallis, is that plants possess electrostatic fields that can be influenced by weather changes.
If the source of the problem is created by electrostatic fields from insulators in the area, topical anti-scats or ionizers also may be needed, along with a rigorous improvement of procedures.
Electrostatic fields attract dust particles, fibres, insects and hair, which results in surface contamination.
Following introductions to fundamental units and prefixes, electrical sources and fundamental quantities, sinusoidal waves, and complex numbers, his 11 chapters cover vectors and fields, basic laws of electromagnetics, uniform plane waves, transmission lines, modified Maxwell's equations and potential functions, source in infinite space, electrostatic fields, magnetostatic fields, waveguides and cavity resonators, and numerical techniques.
Measure personnel, equipment and materials to identify the presence of electrostatic fields in your environment.
Tactile sensations described by a member of 1 of the families may result from piloerection, electrostatic fields, or direct electric stimulation of the brain.
monitor does not emit magnetic and electrostatic fields, it easily meets
There is a very complex and delicate yet mostly unknown communication mechanism exist inside the cells where the relevant information are coded on the electrostatic fields of certain molecules such as proteins, glycoproteins and ions just like information is coded on the magnetic fields of credit cards or keycards.
The erroneous readings may be due to either DC or AC electrostatic fields, so electrostatic shielding will help minimize the effects of these fields.
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