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I shiver when I think, just a few years ago, I was thinking of moving to Brodie Avenue - or, as I now call it, Electrosmog Alley.
0 presents upholstery fabrics developed with new technologies that resist microbes, electrosmog and stains, along with metallized fabrics with climate-control properties.
Sensory Perspectives' Personal ElectroSmog (EMF) Detector, a hand-held device which detects EMF associated with cordless phones, mobile/cellular phones and wireless networks, increasing awareness of this invisible form of radiation.
To help consumers protect themselves, Sensory Perspective has developed the Electrosmog Detector, which converts invisible radiation emitted by wireless devices into sound - much like a Geiger counter.
In two separate experiments in 2003 and 2004, the researchers presented respondents with various sets of statements about the electrosmog controversy and risk management responses.
To lower the electrosmog levels, the Vatican will cede one of its FM frequencies to the Italian Episcopal Conference, beam medium-wave broadcasts by satellite to Radio Monte Carlo for retransmission to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Germany, and adjust the directions of medium-wave broadcasts in Slovenian, Croatian, French, English, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.
If your workday ambushes you with electrosmog or leads to muscle strain, consider giving your body what it needs in return --minerals.
7 Electrosmog - Location Measurement Form Selling EMIR integration
Several words referring to the environment, such as carbon footprint, green tax, electrosmog (electro magnetic fields emitted by computers and mobile phones) and eco-village debut in the 11th edition of the book.
They join food miles, electrosmog, extraordinary rendition, eco-village, Blu-ray, botnet, matematerial, pad thai and dashi.
Two dependent variables were used: perceived risk of electrosmog and the perceived quality of scientific knowledge about health risks from electrosmog.
Electrosmog from mammoth transmitters suspected of causing cancer