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forming an image by the action of light on a specially coated charged plate

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The Global Digital Packaging and Labeling market can be segmented into two divisions: Electrophotography Packaging and Labeling and Inkjet Packaging and Labeling.
As early as the 1960s, electrophotography was often employed by conceptual artists, as it permitted the quick production of simple works on paper; essentially disposable, they negated the aura of the fine art object.
The investigation results of the application of well known handsheet former Rapid Kothen Sheet Machine and laboratory sheet former on optical characteristics of sheets made from the recycled fibers obtained from the digital technique based on electrophotography are presented in this paper.
8) stated that CB remarkably inhibited the polymerization of vinyl monomer in the preparation of the toner, which is used in electrophotography.
From all the ways of printing, electrophotography is definitely the most complicated printing technique.
HP Indigo presses use electrophotography, the process that drives copiers, but in higher resolutions using liquid inks instead of dry toners.
RLA), Kidman Park, South Australia, were developing a new form of liquid electrophotography when they invented an inkjet technology now known as the Tonejet process, by which electrophotographic toner is passed through a print head.
For example, electrophotography, optical data storage, and non-linear optics, have all incorporated squaraine dyes.
It provided transaction support on the acquisition of the Inkjet and Electrophotography business of Avecia, by The Fuji Photo Film Company for pounds 150 m.
Model 400 is intended for use by OEMs for electrophotography quality control by industry R & D in the development of new electrophotographic products.
22, 1938, the 32-year-old made his first copy using a process he called electrophotography.
Xerox 399: Electrophotography Construction & Building 1.
Part overview and part how-to, Mastering Digital Printing covers the pluses and minuses of using the print technologies of digital photo-print and photo process, dye sublimation, electrophotography (color lasers) and ink-jet.
These include dye-thermal sublimation, ink jet, and electrophotography.
The process is based on electrophotography, Ernst says.