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forming an image by the action of light on a specially coated charged plate

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As early as the 1960s, electrophotography was often employed by conceptual artists, as it permitted the quick production of simple works on paper; essentially disposable, they negated the aura of the fine art object.
The investigation results of the application of well known handsheet former Rapid Kothen Sheet Machine and laboratory sheet former on optical characteristics of sheets made from the recycled fibers obtained from the digital technique based on electrophotography are presented in this paper.
As it is known, the investigation in electrophotography is directed towards the emerging of the background areas and solid areas.
It provided transaction support on the acquisition of the Inkjet and Electrophotography business of Avecia, by The Fuji Photo Film Company for pounds 150 m.
22, 1938, the 32-year-old made his first copy using a process he called electrophotography.
Xerox 399: Electrophotography Construction & Building 1.
The process is based on electrophotography, Ernst says.
Other applications of Nano ZnO include anti-microbials, conductive thin-films in blue laser diodes, solar cells, and LCDs, protective coatings, capacitors, varistors, photoprinting and electrophotography.
In addition to ESD monitoring, TREK products can be used in a multitude of applications, including electrophotography, piezoelectronics, semiconductor equipment, power amplification, mass spectrometry and metrology.
Xeikon presses are based on dry toner electrophotography.
Electrophotography (LED), organic photoconductor (OPC), clean closed
In the five years 2012-2017, Smithers Pira believes that the main momentum behind the growth of digital printing in Western Europe will switch from electrophotography to inkjet.
Research was carried out in the field of offset printing and digital printing based on electrophotography with liquid and solid toner.
experimental prints were made on previously calibrated electrophotographic machine HP Indigo TurboStream after which the power variation of the laser head was performed with other electrophotography parameters retaining constant.
For large operations that want to bring a solution in-house, the NexPress is an electrophotography press using dry toner.