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a mechanical device for recording and counting votes mechanically

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While many feel that optically scanned ballots are the cheapest and most reliable method of collecting votes, there has been a rush to invest in electronic voting machines instead.
SAO PAULO -- Smartmatic, a global provider of electoral solutions, announced today it has been awarded a contract with the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil (TSE) for the continuous preventive maintenance, testing and support services of the electronic voting machines during the elections.
In question hour, he said, no Electronic Voting Machines had been purchased so far.
According to the ECP, the decision to use electronic voting machine is made to ensure transparency in the next elections.
Namibia recently procured Electronic voting machines from an Indian manufacturer Bharat Electronics limited and poised to graduate to an Electronic Ballot system, for there Presidential elections in November.
Summary: DUBAI - The Federal National Council (FNC) elections this year would use the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) as part of a series of reforms introduced in the election process.
The late-summer fire that destroyed thousands of electronic voting machines - which have been used in the county since 2002 - necessitated the use of the paper ballots for the early voting period.
THE CONGRESS on Thursday tacitly accepted that electronic voting machines can be tinkered with.
Paxton uses electronic voting machines, but sticker and write-in candidates have to be counted one by one, and were not counted Tuesday night.
Stealing America" revisits what happened in Ohio with the electronic voting machines and other voting manipulations.
But in too many cases, states and localities rushed to buy electronic voting machines that do not produce paper records.
Hence the current media calls for electronic voting machines in Northern Ireland.
Ballots cast across the states of Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, Utah and elsewhere were counted accurately and securely by election officials using Diebold touch-screen and optical scan electronic voting machines.
Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich has recently urged scrapping that state's recently-purchased electronic voting machines and replacing them with paper ballots for this upcoming election because of technical and human "problems" with the machines in the primaries.
With the proliferation of electronic voting machines, plus partisan secretaries of state, state and county elections officials are having difficulty conducting fair elections in which legally registered citizens get to vote, and to have their votes counted.
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