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a mechanical device for recording and counting votes mechanically

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Back in June, the cabinet approved the concept of switching to electronic voting machines.
In India where there are more than 600 million voters, about one million electronic voting machines were used in the general election in 2004.
Exactly one year ago the Humanist ran a story about the unreliability of electronic voting machines, noting that they are programmed with unsecure software and are inauditable because they leave no paper trail.
Namibian Delegate, Nicodemus Mingelius, Chief System Administrator says, "The people are trained, they know how to use the electronic voting machine.
Despite the widespread problems reported in the previous elections in the United Kingdom with paper ballots, officials there remain unconvinced about the use of electronic voting machines.
He said the Electronic Voting Machine would be introduced in the country in two years time, adding, the concerned companies had been directed for the preparation of these machines.
They also brought along an electronic voting machine so that the students could "vote.
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on Friday tried out Japan's first electronic voting machine at his office, saying measures should be discussed to introduce it for national elections.
According to the ECP, the decision to use electronic voting machine is made to ensure transparency in the next elections.
Each balloting unit attached to an electronic voting machine can accommodate only 16 candidates and a maximum of four balloting units can be attached to the machine.
ISLAMABAD -- NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik on Thursday claimed that his department has devised a foolproof system to prevent rigging in election through electronic voting machine.
Chief Electoral Officer I V Subba Rao told a news conference in Hyderabad on Monday that ballot papers will have to be used in five of the 12 assembly constituencies in view of the large number of candidates in the fray as only a maximum of 64 candidates can be adjusted on an electronic voting machine.
During a media briefing in Islamabad on Thursday, Secretary Election Commission Ishtiak Ahmed Khan said Electronic Voting Machine would be introduced in the country in two years time.
After the three phases of voting ended in Maharashtra on April 30, every electronic voting machine (EVM) was electronically sealed at the polling booth and transferred to strong rooms.
7 ( ANI ): An electronic voting machine was taken out of service on Tuesday after being captured on video changing a vote for President Barack Obama into one for Republican nominee Mitt Romney.
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