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Office 2000 Electronic Typewriter -- features a 90,000-word dictionary, a two-line by 40 character LCD display, and a 24,000 character editable memory system.
Indeed they were of a disappointingly lowlevel, being pitched at, for example, word processing and keyboarding; even a Level 2 qualification in Electronic Typewriter Installation and Maintenance featured on the approved funding list.
Word processors are programs that permit a personal computer to function as an electronic typewriter.
Brother International Gulf, a subsidiary of Brother Group of Japan, has a wide product range that also includes labelling machines, electronic typewriters, mobile printing devices, home sewing machines and embroidery machines.
BrotherCOs product range also includes Labelling machines, Electronic Typewriters, Laminators, Stamp Creators, Home and Industrial Sewing machines and Industrial Embroidery machines.
Electronic typewriters, mobile phones, televisions with their menus, assembly kits and UK and overseas products in which the seller cannot even provide the address of the manufacturer.
factory, Brother is America's largest manufacturer of portable electronic typewriters and personal word processors.
Brother's word processors and electronic typewriters, which are made in the U.
In the past, these restrictions generally have applied to specific products--such as automobiles, electronic typewriters and copiers--manufactured by Japanese plants located in the EC.
These are: the proliferation of personal computers and smart terminals in both the office and the home; the diminishing costs of communications transmissions through satellites, fiber optics and microwave links; and the increasing use of electronic typewriters, word processors and personal computer terminals that implicitly capture created textural material in coded form.
The factory at Ruabon employs 350 people in the manufacture of electronic typewriters, fax machines, printers and laptop keyboards.
Today Smith Corona employs more than 1,100 people worldwide who manufacture and market a refined line of electronic typewriters, word processors and related office equipment.
They will accept old computers, monitors, printers, mainframes, modems, hard / floppy drives, tape drives, power supplies, laptops, cell phones, connectors/cords/wire, fax machines, test equipment, audio-visual equipment, copy machines, electronic typewriters, scanners, radios, televisions, VCRs, DVD players and cameras.
The current Smith Corona product line includes seven models of electronic typewriters and supporting supplies and accessories.
Smith Corona is dedicated to providing information solutions through new and emerging technology products in addition to marketing and developing its traditional electronic typewriters and related accessories and supplies.
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