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a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis

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What qualifies as an electronic signature can come about through how a transaction is interpreted within an organization or can do so by deliberate use of special applications.
The Electronic Signatures Act also may simplify record keeping, authentication and verification functions for accountants.
The terms electronic signature and digital signature are used interchangeably, but they are not the same, and their legal implications are likely to be very different.
Speaking out in favor of the new bill, Kathleen Down-Logan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cyber SIGN stated, "By establishing for the first time a national legal framework for e-commerce, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act brings affirmation of electronic documents into the 21st century, finally eliminating the barrier to e-commerce created by the lack of trust in PINs and passwords.
Best Practices for Global Life and P&C Insurers in Selecting Electronic Signature Solutions by Steven Leigh and Juergen Weiss
First, the business community now fully understands the legal aspects of electronic signatures.
patent number 7,190,815 - "Method for Authenticating an Electronic Signature," is a key patent in this field because it enables the broad and fundamental use of existing paper signature exemplars in the process of electronic signature authentication.
On June 30, 2000, President Clinton signed into law the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act -- the "E-Sign Act.
The law gives electronic signatures the same legal standing as wet-ink signatures.
The guarantees which, in accordance with the provisions of article 20 bis of the General Meeting Regulations, the Board of Directors deems adequate in order to ensure the authenticity and identification of the shareholder exercising his or her voting right are the recognized electronic signature and the advanced electronic signature, in the terms provided by Law 59/2003, of December 19, on electronic signature, provided that they are based on a recognized electronic certificate in relation to which there is no record of revocation and which has been issued by the Spanish Certification Public Authority (CERES) dependent upon the Spanish National Mint.
For example, when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promulgated its electronic signature rules, parties opting to use them were required to use personal identification numbers (PINs) as signature substitutes.
Algorithmic Research (ARX), a leading worldwide provider of standards-based electronic (digital) signatures and data security solutions, has implemented a CoSign[R] electronic signature appliance at the Burwood Council in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
An electronic signature works by turning identifying information into a secret code that only the participating parties can unscramble.
The ability to add electronic signature capabilities is something Laserfiche users in all industries can take advantage of to make their document management installations even more robust," said Hedy Aref, Vice President of Vertical Marketing at Laserfiche.
Forty-eight states have enacted some type of electronic signature laws, but they all differ in scope.
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