electronic counter-countermeasures

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electronic warfare undertaken to insure effective friendly use of the electromagnetic spectrum in spite of the enemy's use of electronic warfare


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Electronic protection includes organizational, operative, tactical and technical measures and procedures aimed at the protection of own electronic devices and systems.
Mission: Wolf Intelligence will be the premier innovator in offensive security, cyber intelligence, electronic protection, and digital threat management in the world.
AKMS provides a means for distribution of Communications Security, Electronic Protection, and Signal Operating Instructions information from the planning level to the point of use in support of current and future forces.
The contract with Condor Systems is for its Shortstop Electronic Protection System.
In this work, author Gerard Honey offers a primer for newcomers to electronic protection.
Electronic Warfare uses the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) in three roles across air, sea and land warfare domains, including Electronic Attack (EA), Electronic Protection (EP), and Electronic Warfare Support (ES).
Hyson joined Pentair in 2012 as Director of Sales for Pentair's Electronic Protection business where he managed the sales of Schroff brand products into diverse vertical market customer segments.
com offers Electronic Warfare - Emerging Trends, Approaches, Key issues and Investment Outlook market research report that analyzes potential effects of electronic warfare on governments and military organizations, and identifies frequently used techniques for electronic attacks, electronic warfare support, and electronic protection.
Contract Awarded for Army electronic protection to analyze the response of Army systems to advanced jamming and develop mitigation techniques and methods against this jamming
Byron thinks differently,'' said Vinod Saxena, a senior engineer who, along with Steve Prokop, helped design the Shortstop Electronic Protection System.
GTCR's purchase of P-One marks its third collaboration with security industry expert Tim Whall, who previously partnered with GTCR on its successful investments in Cambridge Protection Industries ("Cambridge") and HSM Electronic Protection Services, Inc.
Among the Exelis capabilities designed to enable Air Force missions, the company will highlight: Electronic warfare: Exelis airborne electronic attack, electronic protection and electronic intelligence capabilities support the U.
Army officials who have deployed the electronic devices in Bosnia are praising Whittaker's invention, called the Shortstop Electronic Protection System, saying it is providing America's forces with a distinct edge.
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