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a list of names and addresses to which advertising material is mailed

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Some instructors require students to subscribe to an electronic mailing list because it keeps all students in the course informed.
In search of a scalable and flexible electronic mailing list solution, MiningCo.
There is also an electronic mailing list which you can use to exchange information with other Life Forms users.
Arnold also used the 3,000 people on its electronic mailing list, along with 100 interviews conducted at local bars, to gather information and set the direction for its advertising campaign.
In addition to formal assignments, students participate in online discussions using an electronic mailing list.
Germany via EcoNet -- I was sued last winter by the US agrochemical corporation Monsanto for distributing an announcement on GENESIS, an electronic mailing list in Germany concerned with novel food.
One you probably already are aware of is the electronic mailing list, where members can share ideas, cheer each other's successes, or seek advice from sympathetic and informed compatriots by e-mail.
In four years, EnviroLink has grown from an electronic mailing list of 20 college students to a huge Internet network with a claimed 550,000 users in 96 countries.
The note later showed up in the Washington Post after being posted on an electronic mailing list where it could be read by as many as 20,000 people.
Shareholders and all persons interested in monitoring the progress of our company as we move forward are encouraged to subscribe to the electronic mailing list by submitting their email address to investors@nuvilex.
The Section has started a new electronic mailing list available from http://lists.
The 95 lawyers who participate in this electronic mailing list are members of the American Association of Public Welfare Attorneys, which sponsors the group.
HJG now includes an online article index which can be searched either independently or simultaneously with the electronic mailing list directory, news, or online reviews directory (http://www.
An invitation to participate in the survey was sent in a brief e-mail message from the Vice President for Academic Affairs to an electronic mailing list for all University students.
A flyer to attract candidates was posted on lis-hclu, HeLIN's electronic mailing list, and this received a good response particularly from potential mentors.
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