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Most recently Tom served as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Electronic Instruments Group since 2013.
NYSE: AME) today announced that the Board of Directors has elected Ron Oscher as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Electronic Instruments Group.
I am pleased to announce the promotion of Tom to Senior Vice President and General Manager, Electronic Instruments Group.
Global Test Solutions represents companies that have designed and manufactured electronic instruments for over 30 years.
NYSE:AME) today announced the appointment of John Wesley Hardin as President, Electronic Instruments.
The synthesizer lays down a consistent tempo, a blessing for dancers in musical theater but a bit of a challenge for any live musicians accompanying the electronic instrument, Hemenway said.
Global Test Solutions (GTS) and Toellner Electronic Instruments today announced the availability of the Series 8950 400W Programmable DC Power Supplies.
EDAX will become part of AMETEK's Electronic Instruments Group's Process & Analytical Instruments Division.
That meant that the crew put protective sheets of insulation over fewer electronic instruments than they had intended and abandoned plans to cover cracks in Hubble's skin with a wallpaperlike fabric.
Luphos joins AMETEK as a unit of its Ultra Precision Technology Division within AMETEK's Electronic Instruments Group (EIG).
Besides the areas of new thermal protection, the modifications included better protection for its radiators against space debris, and touch-screen electronic instruments to replace the 1970s-era video screens and mechanical gauges.
American consumers and businesses make 80 billion retail payments annually, nearly 50 billion by check and 30 billion by electronic instruments, such as credit cards, debit cards, and the automated clearinghouse (ACH), according to the first comprehensive studies of the retail payment system by the Federal Reserve System in more than twenty years.
Global Test Solutions (GTS), in conjunction with Toellner Electronic Instruments, today announced the release of the 70kHz analog control option for the 8810 Series programmable arbitrary power generators.
Now, sophisticated electronic instruments can directly monitor ozone, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other chemicals in the atmosphere and transmit the data to researchers on the ground.
Working in group and individual sessions, therapists use traditional and electronic instruments.
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