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mechanical system to inject atomized fuel directly into the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine

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The 2009 Vespa GTS 125 that I test drove boasts a single-cylinder Piaggio, four-stroke, four-valve, electronic injection engine and a fuel tank capacity of 9.
It be realize a program from calculate parameter spark ignition engines with electronic injection from gasoline with subrogates:
It has a powerful 250cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled, electronic injection engine, 12-inch wheels and a superb double-disc braking system with an optional ABS and brake servo.
But we knew going into Tier 3 that we'd probably end up going with electronic, so we went with electronic injection with common rail, making this the first fuel injection common rail system that we've seen on our excavators.
It also has a Bosch Motronic MPI electronic injection system.
As if this isn't enough to be getting on with, a new diesel five-cylinder electronic injection engine has been added to the range.
In 1999 the Company started production of sparking coils with electronic injection for the automotive market.
The engine also sports a sophisticated electronic injection system with 2 injectors and adjustable height ducts for superior performance.
9 cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, single cylinder 4-valve Piaggio MASTER with electronic injection, catalysed
It is calculating the parameters for optimum for to run cycle at spark ignition engines with electronic injection from gasoline and to simulate on the computer (Baraga, 2000).
The third choice is Deutz's EMR3 full electronic engine control with Deutz electronic injection systems.
NSK's high-load drive ball screws are mainly used for the injection and clamping drive axes of electronic injection molding machines.
For CNG, Iveco Motors has developed one of the most environmentally friendly systems based on a multipoint electronic injection directly on the engine intake ports that ensures a stoichiometric combustion under variable engine load and speed.
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