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a computer circuit with several inputs but only one output that can be activated by particular combinations of inputs

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Meanwhile, EPA's Director Environmental Inspection, Monitoring & Emergencies Mohammed Al-Ahmad unveiled that Kuwait will present a proposal to the conferees to found a unified electronic gate for GCC environment affairs.
It also delivers additional administration benefits, it is a huge system where vehicles' registration renewal and vehicle transfer from an emirate to the other for instance can also be done through the electronic gate," he added.
Apart from being used as an ID card, the new smart card can be used for accessing government services electronically and passing through the electronic gate at Doha International Airport and airports in other Gulf countries in the near future, the paper reported.
About 137 electronic gates have been installed at [the] country's borders and 37 centres are issuing the e-gate cards," Al Raisi said.
General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai in corporation with Emirates Identity Authority (EID) has implemented successfully the electronic gate system service (E-gate) on the identity card.
Five-year-old Karolina Golabek, from Bridgend, was crushed to death by an electronic gate while she was playing <B
com)-- Police caught two people trespassing inside the courtyard of a Portland area high school after Sonitrol Pacific's electronic gate security detected the entry September 17.
The former world champ is surrounded by 7ft-high walls, CCTV infra-red cameras, an intercom system and electronic gate.
The accident follows the death last Monday of a six-year-old crushed by an electronic gate.
Riyadh, 16 Sept: Riyadh Chamber of Commerce has sealed an agreement with Oger Systems to develop the public administration system of the Chamber along with reconstruction and restructuring of external electronic gate in the chamber.
A BOY was crushed to death by a wrongly fitted electronic gate, a court heard yesterday.
Payments can be made via post offices, commercial banks, ATM outlets or the e-government electronic gate.
An electronic gate "opens" for a defined duration, allowing only the information from a specific interface within the part to be imaged while excluding all other echoes.
Access to the community is controlled through an electronic gate.
We recently moved to a neighborhood with an electronic gate and the school system will not allow the bus to come into the neighborhood unless the access panel is modified.
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